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Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

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Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Power Master 1 Logo.png
Game Information
Release date(s) Windows: March 18th, 2016
Program(s) used RPG Maker VX Ace
Language(s) English
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game (RPG)/Fantasy
Controller(s) QWERTY Keyboard
Download link(s) Windows: Itch.io
Rating(s) E for Everyone (self-given)

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey (can be shortened to Power Master 1, PM1, or A Strange Journey) is the first game in the Power Master series.

The game was released through the itch.io site on March 18, 2016 for Windows PCs.[1] It is currently available for free with an optional name your price donation (as of December 14, 2017)[2], despite the creator stating that it will remain free earlier[3]. A demo was released before the main game on September 2, 2015 and remained available for download until October 31, 2016. On July 1, 2016, the build of Fora Temple, which was built using the Unity Engine, was uploaded and can be played in the browser[4].

A remake titled Power Master: A Strange Journey MV is currently in development.


The story takes place a thousand years after the defeat of the "Fallen Guardian," Exitilus, following the ancestor of the old heroes.[5] After defeating the Silver Knight and returning to the Town of Fora, the player will receive a note, warning them of the returning danger and tells them to find the Warrior in the Town of Bora. After defeating Hypnock, it is revealed by the Mysterious Man that Exitilus has returned in someway.[6] It is up to the descendant of the original heroes to set out and stop Exitilus from taking over the world.

Along the way, the player will encounter three friends to partner with: The Warrior of Bora, the Digger from Uora, and their cousin in Dora. All four must work together to gather the twenty-six Gems before Exitilus does and help the towns return to normal. Once the player has all twenty-six Gems and goes to the Town of Cora through Yora's well, the final battle with Exitilus will begin. Upon his defeat, the Gems lose their power, which was the only thing keeping the Guardians alive much longer than they were supposed to. Afterward, the player finds a journal in Fora's bookcase, leading into the events of the next story.


The player exploring Moneo

The objective of the game is to gather all twenty-six Gems from each of the twenty-six towns, each with their own issues. Most of the Gems are stolen by Exitilus's underlings, while some others are kept by their Guardians until the player meets a specific requirement. In the field areas, the player will encounter enemies at random. Each location has their own set of enemies, and these enemies can also be found in the Land of Moneo near their locations. The Land of Moneo also has many secrets to find, which can be found by blowing up mountainsides with a Bomb or burning a tree with a Book of Fire.


The game uses the simple and ready-made controls given by RPG Maker.

  • Arrow Keys: Move player/cursor
  • Z Key: Check/Talk/Open/etc.
  • X Key: Open menu (in the field)/Cancel (in the menus)
  • Shift Key: Hold to run


A battle between the player and the Three Mages

The game uses the ready-made battle system given by RPG Maker.

At the start of the match, the player will select what their characters will do from the options: "Attack", "Special", "Defend", and "Items". "Attack" will make the selected player simply attack with their equipped weapon. If no weapon is equipped, they will punch the enemy dealing their standard Attack power to the enemy. "Special" has the player choose one of the character-specific special attacks to use. "Defend" will make the character take a defensive stance which will reduce the amount of damage they take. "Items" will let the player choose an item followed by who to use it on in the team. The player also has the option to run at the start of the turn, unless the player is in a boss or mini-boss battle.

Once everything has been selected, the battle will play out, alternating between player and enemy characters based on their Agility. Once a character reaches 0 Health Points (or "HP"), that character is removed from the battle, but can be brought back using certain skills or items. Once all characters on the enemy team are defended, the player is brought back to the field, though the player will be given a Game Over and has to resume from their last Save if all of the player characters are defeated.


The player can choose between four different characters before starting the game. Who they chose will change the story slightly. These are the characters the player can choose from:

  • Stephan: The "Boy 1" option. Cannot use magic, so he relies mainly on offensive tactics. Uses swords, shields, bows, and axes.
  • Jennifer: The "Girl 1" option. The quickest in the game and has both offensive and status inducing/recovery skills. Uses swords, shields, bows, and magic.
  • Hamilton: The "Boy 2" option. The strongest in the game and is capable of wielding two weapons instead of one. Uses swords, axes, and magic.
  • Helen: The "Girl 2" option. Not the strongest character, so she relies mainly on defensive and helpful skills. Uses whips, magic, bows, and shields.

If the player chooses to start the game as anyone but Stephan, Stephan will fill the role of the chosen player. For example, if the player chooses Jennifer, Stephan will fill her spot in the Town of Bora as the Warrior.

After the player chooses their character, they have the option to rename them. When they find the other characters in the game, they can rename them then as well. The player can also deny the inclusion of the other characters on the team, playing the whole game solo if they wish.

Major Characters

These characters are integral to the game's story.

Portrait Name Role(s) Location(s)
Stephan 2.png Stephan Hero, Ally, Enemy Town of Fora/Town of Bora
Jennifer 2.png Jennifer Hero, Ally, Enemy Town of Fora/Town of Bora
Hamilton 2.png Hamilton Hero, Ally, Enemy Town of Fora/Town of Uora
Helen 2.png Helen Hero, Ally, Enemy Town of Fora/Town of Dora
Guardian M 2.png Guardians NPC, Enemy Most towns
Hunter 2.png Hunter NPC, Boss Eora Dungeon, Kora Fortress

Minor Characters

These may provide the player with information or help the player in some other way. See also: Generic Characters

Portrait Name Role(s) Location(s)
Pam 2.png Pam Shopkeeper, Enemy Most towns
Violet 2.png Violet Innkeeper, Enemy Most towns
Scott and Smith.png Scott and Smith Blacksmith Town of Dora, Town of Yora
Butch 2.png Butch NPC Town of Bora
Jill.png Jill NPC Town of Bora
Mysterious Man.png Mysterious Man NPC, Enemy Area Unknown
Stacy.png Stacy NPC Town of Aora
Jade 2.png Fade NPC Gora Mansion
PM1 Charles.png Charles NPC Yora Yore
Alex head.png Alexander Bodine NPC Various places

Quest Characters

These characters give out quests or are part of one.

Portrait Name Quest Location(s)
Veronica.png Veronica Lost Husband Town of Bora
Kevin portrait.png Kevin Lost Husband Town of Dora, Town of Bora
Steve portrait.png Steve Lost Love Town of Aora
Josh.png Josh Josh's Quest Town of Aora, Town of Eora
Samantha 2.png Samantha Leftover Worries Town of Sora
Parker.png Parker Fashion Sense Town of Iora
Rob portrait.png Rob Underwater Possession Town of Oora
Jasmine 2.png Jasmine Lost Girl Bottom of the Well, Town of Pora
Jasmine's Dad.png Jasmine's Dad Lost Girl Town of Pora
Katie.png Katie Dark Desire Town of Rora
Kandice.png Kandice Hide-and-Seek Town of Uora
Brianna.png Brianna Long-time Lost Town of Iora
Sorceress.png Sorceress Long-time Lost Sorceress's Hut
Marceus 2.png Marceus Tome Seeker Yora Yore
Jaxer Regan portrait.png Jaxer Regan Jaxer's Quest Town of Qora


The enemies were drawn by both Alex and his brother, Geoffrey Bodine. Geoff worked on the computer-drawn sprites and the Dragons whereas Alex worked on the hand-drawn ones.

Enemies are listed in alphabetical order.


This is a complete list of Bosses and Mini-bosses that appear in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Name Location
Silver Knight Fora Temple
Hypnock Bora Building
Freezeflame Aora Igloo
Blide Dora Pyramid
Girit Eora Dungeon
Phantom Gora Mansion
GrandHypnock Hora Headquarters
Eleel Iora Cavern
Roque Jora Incinerator
Hunter Kora Fortress
The Three Mages Lora Grotto
Gobem Mora Cave
Queen Ant Nora Anthill
Queen Bee Nora Beehive
Latridow Nora Spider Web
Skipper Oora Ship
Swid Pora Sewer
Fuse Qora Quarry
Bruze Rora Capers
Skragon Sora Sky Tower
Dotwood Tora Tree
Burrow Uora Underground
Danger Vora Volcano
Xenu Xora Spaceship
Gold Knight Yora Yore
Doppel Zora Zone
Exitilus Cora Castle


Name Location
Mysterious Man Area Unknown
Stephan Town of Bora, Area Unknown
Jennifer Town of Bora, Area Unknown
Hamilton Area Unknown
Helen Area Unknown
Snowmaniac Aora Igloo
Mega Monster Land of Moneo
Loudmouth Town of Qora
Guard Hora Headquarters
Skipper's Crewmembers Oora Ship
Jewel Dragons Land of Moneo


The name of the locations are simple: a letter of the English alphabet with the suffix "ora" added. According to the creator, the original suffix was "orn", but that would've created a few words he didn't want in the game, specifically causing possible controversy in the first area of the game and the Town of Pora.[7]

Accessible Areas

Mentioned Areas


There are a total of 13 different regular items and 11 different important items, for a total of 24 different kinds of items.

Standard Items

Image Name
PM1 Health Vial.png
Health Vial
PM1 Health Vial.png
Mega Health Vial
PM1 Heal-All Health Vial.png
Heal-All Health Vial
PM1 Medicine Vial.png
Medicine Vial
PM1 Bomb.png
PM1 Apple.png
PM1 Gold Bars.png
Gold Bars
PM1 Life Vial.png
Life Vial
PM1 Life Vial.png
Mega Life Vial
PM1 Rock.png
PM1 Star Shard.png
Star Shard
PM1 Mother's Love.png
Mother's Love
PM1 Apple.png
Child's Apple

Key Items

Image Name
PM1 Key.png
PM1 Scroll.png
PM1 Log.png
PM1 Wedding Ring.png
Wedding Ring
PM1 Jewels.png
PM1 Gems.png
Heat Pack
Ice Block
PM1 Music Box.png
Music Box
PM1 Cards.png


There are 23 swords, 21 axes, 21 bows, and 12 whips in the game, for a total of 77 weapons.

Swords Axes Bows Whips
Iron Sword Iron Axe Iron Bow Whip
Wood Sword Wood Axe Wood Bow Blade Whip
Steel Sword Steel Axe Steel Bow Shooting Whip
Great Sword Great Axe Great Bow Fire Whip
Gold Sword Gold Axe Gold Bow Thunder Whip
Big Sword Big Axe Big Bow Icicle Whip
Spiked Sword Spiked Axe Spiked Bow Boulder Whip
Battle Sword Battle Axe Battle Bow Whirlpool Whip
Silver Sword Silver Axe Silver Bow Tornado Whip
Hammer Sword Hammer Axe Hammer Bow Sleep Whip
Healing Sword Healing Axe Healing Bow Dark Whip
Critical Sword Critical Axe Critical Bow Light Whip
Fire Sword Fire Axe Fire Bow
Thunder Sword Thunder Axe Thunder Bow
Light Sword Light Axe Light Bow
Blizzard Sword Blizzard Axe Blizzard Bow
Stone Sword Stone Axe Stone Bow
Water Sword Water Axe Water Bow
Wind Sword Wind Axe Wind Bow
Sleep Sword Sleep Axe Sleep Bow
Dark Sword Dark Axe Dark Bow
Ultimate Sword

Magic Books

Along with the physical weapons, there are also forty-one magic books, organized on this list based on their internal ID number and their placement in the player's inventory. Several of the magic books are fused, meaning they were created by combining two types of books, and fall in two different elements on the list.

Fire Water Ice Wind
Book of Fire Book of Water Book of Ice Book of Wind
Book of Inferno Book of Haze Book of Snow Book of Fire Tornado
Book of Flames Book of Shock Book of Glass Book of Laser
Book of Sun Book of Mist Book of Melt Book of Vanish
Book of Snow Book of Ice Block Book of Blizzard Book of Icicle Tornado
Book of Meteor Book of Tsunami Book of Hail Book of Stone Tornado
Book of Haze Book of Wave Book of Ice Block Book of Hurricane
Book of Fire Tornado Book of Hurricane Book of Icicle Tornado Book of Tornado
Book of Burn
Arcfire Tome
Book of Old Man
Light Lightning Stone Dark
Book of Light Book of Lightning Book of Stone Book of Sleep
Book of Sun Book of Flames Book of Meteor Book of Burn
Book of Shine Book of Thunder Book of Pelt Book of Nightmare
Book of Scorch Book of Shine Book of Sun Stone Ultimate Book
Book of Melt Book of Glass Book of Hail
Book of Sun Stone Book of Pelt Book of Statue
Book of Mist Book of Shock Book of Tsunami
Book of Vanish Book of Laser Book of Stone Tornado


Below is a list of armors in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, split between shields, headgear, bodygear, and accessories, listed based on their internal ID number. There are 20 shields, 8 headgear, 12 bodygear, and 5 accessories in the game, for a total of 45 armors.

Shields Headgear Bodygear Accessories
PM1 Iron Shield.png Iron Shield PM1 Gold Helmet.png Gold Helmet PM1 Gold Armor.png Gold Armor PM1 Ring.png Ring
PM1 Wood Shield.png Wood Shield PM1 Knight Helmet.png Knight Helmet PM1 Thief's Attire.png Thief's Attire PM1 Silver Amulet.png Silver Amulet
PM1 Iron Shield.png Steel Shield PM1 Gold Helmet.png Steel Helmet PM1 Knight Armor.png Knight Armor PM1 Gold Amulet.png Gold Amulet
PM1 Great Shield.png Great Shield PM1 Gold Helmet.png Silver Helmet PM1 Knight Armor.png Steel Armor PM1 Light Amulet.png Light Amulet
PM1 Gold Shield.png Gold Shield PM1 Rock Helmet.png Rock Helmet PM1 Silver Armor.png Silver Armor PM1 Dark Amulet.png Dark Amulet
PM1 Big Shield.png Big Shield PM1 Rock Helmet.png Hard Hat PM1 Rock Armor.png Rock Armor
PM1 Battle Shield.png Battle Shield PM1 Casual Hat.png Casual Hat PM1 Casual Clothes.png Casual Clothes
PM1 Silver Shield.png Silver Shield PM1 Gold Helmet.png Adventurer's Helmet PM1 Robot Armor.png Robot Armor
PM1 Rock Shield.png Rock Shield PM1 Strong Armor.png Strong Armor
PM1 Healing Shield.png Healing Shield PM1 Hero's Tunic.png Hero's Tunic
PM1 Gold Shield.png Fire Shield PM1 Knight Armor.png Special Armor
PM1 Gold Shield.png Thunder Shield PM1 Knight Armor.png Daughter's Protection
PM1 Light Shield.png Light Shield
PM1 Light Shield.png Blizzard Shield
PM1 Stone Shield.png Stone Shield
PM1 Big Shield.png Water Shield
PM1 Wind Shield.png Wind Shield
PM1 Sleep Shield.png Sleep Shield
PM1 Dark Shield.png Dark Shield
PM1 Violet Shield.png Violet


Below is a list of all the skills that can be learned by characters and bosses alike in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. A large number of the skills used in this game were provided by the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, and as such, there are many skills in the database that go unused, which explains the "gap" between numbered skills used in the game. For example, there is Heal and Heal III, but no "Heal II". Additionally, every character and enemy knows the basic Attack command. There are a total of 62 skills in the game.

Skill Name Characters that can learn/know the skill
Armor Break Stephan, Doppel Stephan, Chester
Berserker's Roar Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Blind Swid, Crystal Dragon
Blizzard II Mysterious Man, Blue Mage (second fight)
Burst Bombot, Fuse
Chakra Jennifer, Doppel Jennifer
Confuse Jennifer, Doppel Jennifer, Hypnock, GrandHypnock, Hunter
Confusion Song Alien, Exitilus
Cover Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Darkness Danger
Dark Cloud Danger, Exitilus
Double Attack Stephan, Doppel Stephan, Queen Ant, Hunter
Fairy's Breath Helen, Doppel Helen
Fire Fire Magician, Lava Creature
Fire Breath Blazing Soul, Xenu, Dragon, Skragon, Ruby Dragon, Danger, Exitilus, Red Mage (second fight)
Fire II Blazing Soul, Red Mage (first fight), Ruby Dragon
Flame II Mysterious Man, Roque, Freezeflame, Danger, Red Mage (first fight)
Heal Helen, Doppel Helen, Hypnock, Worm
Heal III GrandHypnock, Gold Knight, Hunter, Exitilus
Ice Ice Magician, Yeti
Ice Breath Xenu, Sapphire Dragon, Exitilus, Blue Mage (second fight)
Ice II Blue Mage (first fight), Snowmaniac, Freezeflame, Sapphire Dragon
Life Drain Mysterious Man, Xenu, Leech, Mummy, Bat
Magic Burst Jennifer, Hamilton, Helen
Mana Barrier Helen, Doppel Helen
Nuclear Fuse
Paralyze Bee, Queen Bee
Paralyze Breath Xenu, Exitilus, Green Mage (second fight)
Petrify Roque, Gobem, Hunter, Exitilus
Pierce Mysterious Man, Guard, Gold Knight, Knight
Poison Emerald Dragon
Poison Cloud Swid, Xenu, Tarantula, Latridow, Emerald Dragon, Exitilus
Possess Girit, Butler, Exitilus
Pounding Blow Stephan, Hamilton
Provoke Jennifer, Hamilton, Doppel Jennifer, Doppel Hamilton
Quake Gobem, Burrow
Raise II Helen
Recovery II Helen, Doppel Helen, Mysterious Man
Restrengthen Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Shade Hunter
Shout Loudmouth
Sleep Pearl Dragon
Sleep Breath Mysterious Man, Pearl Dragon, Exitilus
Slow Move Spider, Latridow
Special Shield Stephan, Jennifer, Helen
Spirit's Blessing Helen, Doppel Helen
Stone Mole, Diamond Dragon, Hunter
Strong Attack Stephan, Doppel Stephan, Thief, Mysterious Man
Super Guard Hamilton, Doppel Hamilton
Tackle Jennifer, Doppel Jennifer
Thief's Luck Blide
Thousand Arrows Stephan, Jennifer, Helen
Thunder Loudmouth
Thunder II Eleel
Tornado Dotwood, Skragon, Green Mage (second fight)
Triple Attack Stephan, Mysterious Man, Exitilus
Ultimate Slash Stephan, Jennifer, Hamilton, Gold Knight
Water Eel
Wave Eleel
Weapon Break Stephan, Doppel Stephan
Whip-Lash Helen
Wind Wind Magician, Green Mage (first fight)
Vanish Girit


There are a total of thirteen quests found in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. While the quest numbers are not shown to the player during gameplay, the quests are numbered internally.

  1. Lost Husband
  2. Lost Love
  3. Josh's Quest
  4. Sleep Tight
  5. Leftover Worries (Quest 6 internally)
  6. Fashion Sense (Quest 7 internally)
  7. Underwater Possession (Quest 11 internally)
  8. Lost Girl (Quest 13 internally)
  9. Dark Desire (Quest 14 internally)
  10. Hide-and-Seek (Quest 17 internally)
  11. Long-time Lost (Quest D internally)
  12. Tome Seeker (Quest M internally)
  13. Jaxer's Quest (Quest S internally)


A majority of the music used in Power Master 1 was provided by the RPG Maker engines XP, VX Ace, and MV. However, two songs were composed by the creator: "Searching for the Gems (Dungeon Theme)" and "Music Box Theme". "Searching for the Gems (Dungeon Theme)" was originally meant to be played during the dungeons, as the name implies, but is used in the Bottom of the Well map instead. They were composed by the program MusicMaker and are of lower quality than those provided by the RPG Maker engines.


Main article: Cut Content of Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
The first concept of the four heroes

Power Master 1's initial planning started in 2008.[3] It has been drawn and redrawn several times before being finalized in its current notebook form. The actual development of the game started in 2014, using the Unity 3D engine.[8] Development moved to the RPG Maker VX Ace program in April 2015 after Alex claimed the Unity program to be "too difficult."[9] The alpha build of Fora Temple created using the Unity Engine was posted on July 1, 2016, though was restricted in March of 2023 due to the Unity Web Player no longer being supported.

Alex first began making games as far back as 2002, using a Super Mario action figure he got in a Wendy's kids meal. He played with it, often forming his own levels in the vein of Super Mario 64, which he claims served as a big inspiration for his game. In 2007, he started drawing out games based on Nintendo's properties, such as Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon.[3] Only the Mario and Zelda notebooks are still around, with Fire Emblem's and Pokemon's being lost. In 2008, he started planning a game called Dot's World, but soon moved on to start building Power Master.

The original name of the Power Master series as a whole was going to be called Tales of the Unknown Land. Alex omitted the "Tales of" part to avoid conflicting with Atlus's Tales of series. Then, his brother claimed to have a story called "The Unknown Universe," so for a while, Alex had no name for his game. The paper listing the items for Power Master 1 still says "TUL," the abbreviation for The Unknown Land.

Development on the current game started in April 2015 for the RPG Maker VX Ace program. Said program was bought for him by his aunt, Pam.[10] Alex teamed up with a few people to help create the game. One being his brother, Geoffrey "Aaron" Bodine, who provided most of the custom battlers in the game. Edgar Gobo (who gave Alex permission to use his original character, Marceus, in the game) originally was going to provide the character artwork for the game as well as a possible Portuguese translation. Both of them have since left the main development (with Geoffrey leaving to focus his time on his "Legends End" stories), but Alex said this is a good thing and allowed him to focus more on the game himself and get his thoughts together.[3]

Power Master 1 was originally going to launch on March 26, 2016, but was pushed forward to March 18 due to things progressing faster than originally intended.[11]

Naming Codes

Depending on what the player names a character, different things will happen, such as characters changing graphics or giving the player an extra item.

  • "Megamode" - Makes the character sprite grow large.
  • "Minimode" - Makes the character sprite shrink.
  • "^^vv<>BA" - Gives the player 99 Mega Life Vials.
  • "Sonicspeed" - Increases the character's movement speed.
  • "LegendsEnd" - Changes the graphics to those based on Legends End.
  • "ckrit2evy1" - Gives the player a Spiked weapon based on the character (in Helen's case, a Shooting Whip)
  • "S Rank" - Gives the player an Arcfire Tome.
  • "Rosebud" - Gives the player 9,999,999 Sers.


Game Design, Character Concepts, & Dialogue
Alexander Bodine

Custom Portraits & Title Screen Art
Geoffrey Bodine

Geoffrey & Alexander Bodine

Beta Testers
Zachary Etherington
Spencer Bodine
Scott Smith

Special Thanks
Pam Kuhn
Doug Bodine
Michelle Bodine

And all the rest of my friends, family, and the fantastic people on the RPG Maker forums who helped and supported me to make this game

This game was created using assets, such as music and sprites, created by the engines RPG Maker XP, VX Ace, and MV. (c)2004-2016 Enterbrain/Degica/Kadokawa Games Program created by ASCII

The land Andrabax and the characters therein are creations of Geoffrey Bodine and the character Marceus is a creation of Edgar Gobo. Both used with permission.

The Party-Based Graphics script was created by Hime.

The large tree used for Tora Tree was created by Celianna.

The Basic Side-view Battle script was created by Fomar0153.

The Arcfire Tome is a property of Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. Used without permission.

All other properties are properties of their respective owners. (c) 2016 Fictional Dungeon Productions


According to Alex, the game has received mostly positive reviews[12] and was downloaded 100 times by May 7. The only piece of criticisms offered were that some areas felt too large and/or devoid of detail. By the end of 2016, the game reached 145 downloads[13], 150 downloads on February 20, 2017[14], 200 downloads on September 25, 2018[15], 250 downloads on May 20, 2020[16], and 300 downloads on May 1, 2022.

Issues and Updates

Upon release, a game-crashing compiler error occurred when players tried to leave the Town of Fora, either by walking out or using the Gem to warp out.[17] Alex states that the main overworld of Moneo was too large for the game to render the bitmap correctly.[18] To fix the problem, he included the main data for the game, which allows the game to render the overworld, but also allows players to look through the game files.[19] The update was released the following day on March 19, 2016. A second update was released in early July, which added the forgotten event in Aora Avalanche that checks for the Heat Pack.

Update v1.1

  • Fixed bug where Moneo does not appear
  • Included the RPG Maker VX Ace project data
  • Removed unspecified unneeded and unused graphics/events/music
  • Various unspecified cosmetic changes

Update v1.2

  • Added the event which checks for the Heat Pack on Aora Avalanche
  • Corrected enemy ranges in Moneo
  • Cosmetic changes and typo fixes


On September 2, 2015, a demo was released showing a glimpse of what was to come in the full game. The player could only play as Stephan and could explore the town of Fora, Fora Forest, and Fora Temple, as well as the Area Unknown in the Inn. There are notable differences between the demo and the full release, however. There are noticeable spelling and collision errors, the player's battle portrait does not appear as it was not yet made, and the Monsters are slightly stronger. Once the player defeats Silver Knight and returns to Fora, the demo will end.

On October 31, 2016, the demo was taken down and is no longer available for download. By the time of its take down, it was downloaded a total of 43 times.[20][21]


The first remake of this game is titled Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, appropriately named after the newly obtained RPG Maker MV program. The game is currently in development and will include new characters, updated graphics, and different mechanics.

Another remake of this game, titled Power Master 1R: A Stranger Journey, was planned to be created sometime in the future, with the "R" standing for "Remade" or "Remastered", though was canceled as elements were being used for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV instead. The written story, which was free to download and read from the original site, though is now posted here on the wiki, is based off of the planned redone version and was uploaded on August 22, 2014. However, many of the story's aspects are being used in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.

References to Other Media

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey contains lots of references to other forms of media, such as games and books.

  • The mechanic of burning bushes and blowing up mountainsides was inspired by the original The Legend of Zelda.
    • If the player blows up the mountain just south of the Town of Aora, they will discover a cave that looks and acts similar to the caves in said game. The man even says "keep this a secret from everybody."
  • The naming system holds a few references:
    • The code "^^vv<>BA" is a reference to the Konami Code.
    • The code "ckrit2evy1" is a reference to the phrase "secret to everyone" from The Legend of Zelda series.
    • The code "S Rank" references the marriage mechanic from Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • The code "Rosebud" is a reference to the money-making code found in The Sims.
    • Of the many transformations the players undergo in Doppel's Dimension, one of them is a set of characters based off of Legends End: Eko (Stephan), Kat (Jennifer), Clayton (Hamilton), and Rona (Helen).
      • The player can also look like these characters if they name that character "LegendsEnd" when prompted.
  • In Aora's house, a book reads "There's a tale of a bounty hunter in the far reaches of space." This could be referencing Samus Aran from the Metroid series or Boba Fett from the Star Wars series.
  • The bookcase next to Butch in Bora references Pokémon by saying "There's a book here about magical creatures that fight each other."
    • The old lady in Bora's Shop says there are many Pams and that she "heard of another Shopkeeper in a different land with the same relations," referencing Anna from the Fire Emblem series.
  • When opening the gate leading into the Town of Cora, a message saying "Responding to the power of the Gems, the door opens slowly." appears. A similar message is displayed in Super Mario 64 when unlocking a door with the Power Stars.
  • The rolling boulder in Dora Pyramid acts similar to the one in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • In Fora, a bookcase in the Inn says "There's a story here about a young elf-like kid who left the forest to save the world," referencing Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Gora Graveyard has a grave that reads "Here lies Link.", the main charcter from The Legend of Zelda series. A similar grave appears in Final Fantasy.
  • In Lora's house, a book reads "There's a book about a guild of magical fighters who save the world," which references the Fairy Tail stories.
  • In Mora's house, a book reads "There's a tale of a heroic, mustached man who rescues a princess," referencing the Mario series.
  • Nora Spider Web's design looks similar to the Inside the Deku Tree dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • A book in Oora's house reads "There is a book here about race cars from the future," referencing the F-Zero series.
  • The books the girl has in her house in Qora references both the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series of books.
  • The player can find a "staff with a blue orb on top" in a house in Rora, referencing Marina from Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. Additionally, Alex transforms into Marina herself when under the effects of Doppel's Dimension.
  • In Sora's house, there's a book that reads "There's a story here about a young boy traveling to different worlds to fight some organization," referencing Sora and Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series. The reference is due to the protagonist from that game and this town sharing the same name.
    • In Sora's inn, there's an old man that states that he wants to go beyond the clouds, "To boldly go where no man has gone before." This is referencing the theme from the Star Trek series.
  • A book in Tora's house reads "There's a book here about a legendary king who commands an army to defeat a dark dragon," referencing Marth, specifically from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
  • A book in Wora's house reads "There's a book here about an angel flying around to defeat a Goddess of Darkness," referencing Pit and Medusa from the Kid Icarus series.
  • The house with the person who changes the players' names in Yora has a book that reads "There's a book here about a plumber, a princess, and a dragon... kart-racing?" referencing the Mario Kart series.
  • A book in Zora's house reads "There's a fairy tale story about a boy and his shadow," referencing the Peter Pan story. This perfectly corresponds with the boss of the area, who acts as a "shadow" of the main character.


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