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Book of Fire

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The Book of Fire is a standard book of Fire-based magic, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Book of Fire
PM1 Book of Fire.png
Weapon Information
Description A standard book of Fire. May burn the enemy.
Stat Boosts Attack +30
Type Fire
Value 30 Sers
Dropped by Fire Magician
Other Info Burn chance 25%
Strong against: Fire, Ice
Weak against: Water, Wind, Stone

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Book of Fire is an equipable weapon. It deals Fire-based damage to one enemy and it boosts the wielder's Attack by 30. It makes the wielder strong against Fire- and Ice-based attacks, but weak to Water-, Wind-, and Stone-based ones. It has a 25% chance of inflicting a Burned status. They can be dropped by Fire Magicians upon defeating them.


  • Aora - Purchasable from the Shop
  • Dora - Purchasable from the Shop
  • Fora - Purchasable from the Shop

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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Book of Fire
PMMV Book.png
Item Information
Description Teaches Fire magic to one member.
Item Type Standard
Effect Teaches Fire magic to one member.
Price 10
Dropped By

Books of Fire return in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, this time as a standard item. It can only be used in the field, and will teach a member the Fire skill when used.