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If something needs to change on the wiki, you can propose it here. For basic discussions that do not require a proposal, you should post on the article's talk page or at Power Master Wiki:Bora Building.


  1. Proposal must apply to wiki content. Anything relating to the games or any staff member (unless posted by a staff member themselves) will be removed.
    1. Any proposal considered detrimental to the wiki will be removed.
  2. Make a new proposal by clicking the "+" at the top of the page.
  3. Only autoconfirmed users can vote on and create proposals.
  4. Proposals will last for as long as is needed, until a majority is reached.
    1. A proposal should not have fewer than five votes before ending and should last at least a week.
  5. Vote using "# {{user|Your name here}}". You can also follow up with a reason for your vote; though this is not required, it will help add weight to your choice. You should vote on your own proposal, but it is not required.
    1. Your vote reason must be relevant and not just be something like a fan vote. "I like Stephan, so I agree with this!" will not be accepted and your vote will be removed. "Per all." is an agreement vote and is acceptable.
  6. You are only allowed one vote per proposal, but you are free to adjust or change your stance during the proposal's run.
  7. Users who are blocked after voting will have their vote removed. If they are unblocked before the proposal finishes, they are free to add their vote back.
    1. If the proposal starter is blocked during the proposal run time, the proposal is archived as it is currently unless decided otherwise.
  8. Proposals can only be adjusted by their creator. Other users are not allowed to change wording or add additional voting options.
  9. A proposal should have at least "Support" and "Oppose" options. There should not be more than five options.
  10. If an older proposal needs to change, a new proposal should be made to counter it.
  11. Joke proposals are only allowed on April Fools' Day.
  12. When the proposal ends, the final tally should be posted above the proposer's username as "Decided: X-X, Support".
  13. All ended proposals (finished, canceled, or otherwise) must be moved to Power Master Wiki:Proposals/Archive. Joke proposals are not archived.

Basic proposal setup

==Proposal name==
Proposer: {{user|username}}
Start date: ~~~~~

Proposal content




Current proposals