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Eora Everlasting

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Eora Everlasting is a large maze that is connected to the Town of Eora. It first appears in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. According to Alexander Bodine's statement in Power Master 1, the maze's layout will change between every game it is in.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

The first form of Eora Everlasting
The second form of Eora Everlasting

There are two different forms of the maze that the player can travel between by stepping onto the yellow panels. Only by warping between the different mazes can the player get to the end of the maze, which has the entrance to Eora Dungeon at the end. Originally, Wondering Souls were meant to roam the maze, but were instead moved to Eora Dungeon so the encounters would not confuse the player.


Two Treasure Chests are found in Eora Everlasting:

Alex's Statement

Alexander Bodine appears at in the bottom-right of the maze's second form after the game is completed. When under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, he turns into Madison.

I have a few favorite locations, but I think Eora Everlasting is my favorite overall. I always enjoyed puzzles and I'm at my best with mazes and word searches. One character I made will have a knack at puzzles as well. Guess where you'll find her. Eora Everlasting will be around for many games to come and it has a tendency to change, so don't expect to go through the same maze twice! Well, see you around!