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Book of Old Man

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The Book of Old Man is a book of Fire-based magic, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Book of Old Man
PM1 Book of Fire.png
Weapon Information
Description A man from Iora turned into a Book of Fire. Enemy encounters are reduced by half.
Stat Boosts Attack +30
Type Fire
Value 0 Sers
Dropped by None
Other Info Burn chance: 25%
Strong against: Ice, Fire
Weak against: Water, Stone, Wind
Enemy encounters are halved

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, a Book of Old Man is an equipable weapon. Book of Old Man deals Fire-based damage and increases the wielder's Attack by 30. It makes the wielder strong against Ice- and Fire-based moves, but weak to Water-, Stone-, and Wind-based ones. It has a 25% chance of inflicting the Burned status on an enemy and it reduces the amount of encounters on the field by half. It is one of three Magic Books in the game that cannot be sold, along with Arcfire Tome and Ultimate Book.

The Book of Old Man can only be obtained if the player is under the effects of Doppel's Dimension. In Iora's Shop, there is a red book on the floor. Picking it up will have the player obtain the Book of Old Man. If the player wants to return the old man back to normal, they need to put the book back when they are no longer under the effects of Doppel's Dimension.