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Butlers are servants to a particular person or family house. They first appear as an enemy in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Enemy Statistics
Species Undead Human
Locations Gora Mansion, Land of Moneo
Health 350
Energy None
Offense 350
Defense 100
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 25
Luck 25
Actions Attack (Dark), Possess
Strong Against Dark, Confused, Petrified, Asleep
Weak Against Light
Experience 100
Sers 50
Items Medicine Vial, Butler Card

Butlers are seen in Gora Mansion and the area surrounding Gora in the Land of Moneo. According to both Fade and their card's description, the Butlers were destroying the town of Gora by gathering materials from it in order to rescue Fade. In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, they continue to serve in Gora Mansion even after death.

Butlers have the Possess skill and are strong against Dark-based attacks, as well as being immune to becoming Confused, Petrified, or Asleep. However, they are weak to Light-based attacks.

Card Info

Name: Butler
Health: 350
Attack: 350
Defense: 100
A spirit who used to serve the family in the mansion and continues to do so after death. Destroyed the town to build materials to help Fade escape.