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Doppel's Dimension

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Doppel's Dimension is an alternate dimension and is the home of the character Doppel. It is first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Doppel's Dimension
Doppel's Dimension.png
Doppel's Dimension in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Dungeon Information
Greater location Unknown
Connections Zora Zone (exits)
Enemies Doppel

Doppel's Dimension's tileset changes when the player steps past a certain point. Said points will also change the player characters' appearances. The areas also loop horizontally, meaning the player can endlessly move right or left so long as there is nothing in the way. Stepping back onto the Transport Panels at the entrances, or by using a Gem, will bring the player back out of the level keeping their transformations intact. Several residents in towns will also be transformed when the player is as well.

For the first area, the tileset will change when the player walks onto the stairs, at a certain point on the lava road, and on the stone bridge tiles.

In the second area, there's a tileset changer three steps into the castle walls and two steps right from the entrance of the area. Then there are several tileset changers on the bridge tiles. The final tileset changer is below the ladder to the next area.

The next area is a series of doors. If the player enters the wrong one, they will be given a Game Over. The correct order being left, right, middle, though the screen continues to loop horizontally making the choices difficult. Once the player enters the stairs at the end, a conversation followed by a boss fight with Doppel will begin. When Doppel is defeated, the player will be brought back out of Doppel's Dimension, completely restored from the transformations.

Doppel's Text

There are signs in each area with text written on them, though the language is scrambled. The characters on the signs are simply the next left key over on a QWERTY Keyboard as well as being based on capitalization (i.e. S becomes A, s becomes a). Included with the download of the game prior to update 1.2 is a sheet that translates the text. The first is Doppel "greeting" the player, the second is explaining who Doppel is, and the third is Doppel taunting the player.

First Area

Ejp str upiZ
Eju str upi jrtrZ
Yjod od ,u [;suhtpimf/
Smf upi str mpy er;vp,r@@@

Who are you?
Why are you here?
This is my playground.
And you are not welcome!!!

Second Area

Ejp s, oZ
O fpmay lmpe/
O vsm nr upi./
Niy upiatr mpy upitdr;g/

Who am I?
I don't know.
I can be you.
But you're not yourself.

Third Area

Yjtrr [syjd dysmf om upit esu/
Vjppdr tohjy smf upi ;obr/
Vjppdr etpmh. smf upi fpmay/

Three paths stand in your way
Choose right and you live.
Choose wrong and you don't.


Doppel's Dimension originally had a much different design and looked more like a platforming stage. It was also called "Zora Zone", matching the corresponding area of the same name, though in the final game, the area is represented with three question marks. The player would've had to mess with the physics of gravity to get through the dungeon.

Alex's Statement

Once the player completes the game, Alexander Bodine can be found at the end of Doppel's Dimension, in the same room where the player fought Doppel. Once the conversation is over, he'll restore the player and send them back to the town of Zora.

Zora Zone was pretty much a "let's mess with the graphics!" level. A number of transformations you see are actually characters from future games. It was originally a platformer-type level, but I didn't know how to make that work correctly. Picture it like the Whoa Zone from Super Paper Mario. If you leave while under the effects of the Zone, you still keep your graphic. I wanted players to think that was funny. And just who is Doppel? I'm not even sure myself. It was created to be the "dark" version of the heroes like in most other games. But it was originally designed to look much like Dark Link: a shadow with red eyes. Well, see you around!