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Town of Yora

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The Town of Yora (also called the Town of Festivities) is a town within the Land of Moneo, first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. Every year, a festival is held to the south of town to celebrate another year gone by.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Town of Yora
Yora in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Area Information
Residents Guardian of Yora, Pam, Violet, Smith
Enemies None
Inn Rate 80 Sers
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Land of Moneo (east), Yora Yore (south), Town of Cora (Well)

The Guardian of Yora's house is near the entrance to town to the east, the Shop is to the west, and the Inn is to the southwest. Yora is also one of two towns, with the other being the Town of Dora, to have a Blacksmith, located to the southeast. The house to the north is the home of someone that can change the characters' names. When the player changes their name, the effects of Doppel's Dimension are removed.

Once the player collects the other twenty-five Gems, they need to return to Yora and enter the Well, as it is the only one that leads to the Town of Cora.

Shop's Wares

Item Sers
Mega Health Vial 150
Medicine Vial 30
Gold Sword 60
Gold Axe 120
Gold Bow 30
Gold Shield 30
Gold Armor 180
Gold Helmet 60
Gold Amulet 20
Mega Life Vial 500


The Blacksmith of Yora, Smith, sells every possible variant of Magic Books, Shields, and Accessories, along with Heal-All Health Vials and Mega Life Vials. All of which are sold for 1000 Sers.

Heal-All Health Vial
Mega Life Vial
Book of Inferno
Book of Flames
Book of Sun
Book of Snow
Book of Meteor
Book of Haze
Book of Fire Tornado
Book of Burn
Book of Thunder
Book of Shine
Book of Glass
Book of Pelt
Book of Shock
Book of Laser
Book of Scorch
Book of Melt
Book of Sun Stone
Book of Mist
Book of Vanish
Book of Blizzard
Book of Hail
Book of Ice Block
Book of Icicle Tornado
Book of Statue
Book of Tsunami
Book of Stone Tornado
Book of Wave
Book of Hurricane
Book of Tornado
Book of Nightmare
Healing Shield
Fire Shield
Thunder Shield
Light Shield
Blizzard Shield
Stone Shield
Water Shield
Wind Shield
Sleep Shield
Dark Shield
Light Amulet
Dark Amulet


If the player is under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, the characters in town will transform into the following:


  • Wind Shield - Closet in the right room of the Inn
  • Gold Ser (200) - Closet in the house of the man that changes the player's name

Alex's Statement

After completing the game, Alexander Bodine will appear at the northwest corner of town. When under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, he transforms into Gold Knight.

There were going to be more minigames in Yora Yore, but I didn't know how to make them work with RPGMaker. There were going to be games like a ring toss, water pistols, and the usual carnival games. Eventually, I had to settle for a couple of mazes, one of which was designed by my brother. And hey, if you're talking to me, that means that the Battle Mode mini-game is open! Why don't you check that out? Well, see you around!