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Battle Mode

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Battle Mode is an optional event in the Power Master series, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. Battle Mode pits the player against every enemy in the game in succession.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

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In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Battle Mode event is located in Yora Yore and can only be accessed once the player defeats Exitilus at least once. By talking to the man at the counter on the bottom-left of Yora Yore, he'll ask the player if they'd like to participate in the "ultimate skill of survival." Accepting will begin the event.

After completing a battle, the player will be asked if they'd like to continue. Accepting will have them fight the next enemy, denying will have the man reward the player based on how far they've gone, and fleeing during a battle will have the player gain nothing. After defeating Goldbot, the man's wife will take over and the player can no longer choose to flee or leave after completing a battle; they must see the event through or get a Game Over. If the player manages to make it through all the enemies, they will be rewarded with both the Ultimate Sword and Ultimate Book along with 9,999,999 Sers.


The enemies are fought in this order, ranked first by their Health then their Attack power. Doppel and the Mysterious Man are not fought.

  1. Wolf
  2. Ice Magician
  3. Bat
  4. Worker
  5. Elite Worker
  6. Fire Magician
  7. Skipper
  8. Monster
  9. Yeti
  10. Bee
  11. Wind Magician
  12. Poisoned Soul
  13. Swordsman
  14. Warrior M
  15. Corpse
  16. Worm
  17. Warrior F
  18. Archer
  19. Thief M
  20. Thief F
  21. Violet
  22. Pam
  23. Blue Mage
  24. Red Mage
  25. Thief
  26. Mummy
  27. Golem
  28. Bird
  29. Green Mage
  30. Dragon
  31. Bombot
  32. Wondering Soul
  33. Leech
  34. Eel
  35. Raven
  36. Hora
  37. Silver Knight
  38. Rock Warrior
  39. Blazing Soul
  40. Spider
  41. Mole
  42. Lava Creature
  43. Knight
  44. Ant
  45. Snowmaniac
  46. Shark
  47. Hypnock
  48. Goldbot
  49. Guard
  50. Butler
  51. Alien
  52. Skipper's Crewmember
  53. Freezeflame
  54. Mega Monster
  55. Loudmouth
  56. Blide
  57. Tarantula
  58. Swid
  59. Eleel
  60. Girit
  61. Gobem
  62. Emerald Dragon
  63. Roque
  64. Fuse
  65. Crystal Dragon
  66. Dotwood
  67. Ruby Dragon
  68. Blue Mage (Second fight)
  69. Red Mage (Second fight)
  70. Green Mage (Second fight)
  71. Latridow
  72. Burrow
  73. Pearl Dragon
  74. Chester
  75. Bruze
  76. Skragon
  77. Xenu
  78. Sapphire Dragon
  79. Queen Ant
  80. Blide Copy
  81. Swid Copy
  82. Gold Knight
  83. Gobem Copy
  84. Queen Bee
  85. Danger
  86. GrandHypnock
  87. Diamond Dragon
  88. Phantom
  89. Dotwood Copy
  90. Burrow Copy
  91. Skragon Copy
  92. Danger Copy
  93. GrandHypnock Copy
  94. Phantom Copy
  95. Hunter
  96. Exitilus