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Stephan Powers
Stephan's artwork for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Character Information
Aliases/Titles Descendant of the Legendary Heroes
Relatives Kyle (Ancestor)

Merlina (Ancestor)
Guardian of Fora (Grandfather)
Helen (Cousin)

Affiliation Good
Appearances PM1, PMMV
Biographical Information
Date of birth November 11th, 1993[1]
Place of birth
Date of death
Place of death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Age 14 (PM1 / PMMV)
"Now let's go and show Exitilus what we can do!"
-- Stephan, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Stephan Powers (pronounced "Steh-fin") is a major character in the Power Master series, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


Stephan is a descendant of Kyle and Merlina, who are regarded as the "Legendary Heroes of Moneo". He was born on November 11, 1993, making him 14 years old during the events of Power Master 1: A Strange Journey[1]. Much of his background, including who his parents were, is a mystery to him, with the only piece of information revealed being his parents died in an explosion[2] and was soon taken to live with his grandfather, the Guardian of Fora. In Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, Stephan's birthplace and parents appear magically redacted from his album.

Stephan is a reckless, but brave, character with a strong sense of justice and friendship.

Power Master 1R Story

The Power Master 1R Story is told from Stephan's perspective. The plot of the story is similar to Power Master 1: A Strange Journey and Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, so Stephan goes through much of the same events, though there are noticeable differences. He starts off his journey with his friend Andrew, who is with Stephan for a majority of the story, and meets several returning and new characters in his adventure.

Stephan also has visions at various points. In Chapter 7: Wandering Sword, after Stephan defeats Eleel, he wakes up in a tall white building. In the building's elevator, he finds a man that looks similar to him, though older and with black hair, and then the building soon explodes, waking Stephan up and finding himself back in the Town of Iora. In Chapter 10: The Failing Flirter, Stephan faints during a fight with a giant bat and wakes up in a castle. There, he finds he is married to Jennifer and has a son named Migue. Hamilton and Helen are also mentioned, with their daughter, Denise, and he seems to have shared this vision with Helen after she fainted in Chapter 8: Town of Trash. In Chapter 20: Rock in the Water, Stephan falls unconscious during the battle with the giant boulder and wakes up in a field. Fully armored figures flew above and landed next to him, the man in black armor reaching out to Stephan, saying "Welcome back."

In Chapter 22: Zone of Trials, Stephan returns to the tall white building. He runs back to the elevator to see who he assumes is his father once more, but is instead met with three children. Another person comes up and attacks Stephan, defending the children. After defeating the man, Stephan finds himself on the top of Bora Building, facing off against Jennifer and Andrew. After defeating them, Stephan finds himself on a battle court, facing a man in red armor.

After defeating Exitilus, Stephan finds a journal that tells of Kyle and Merlina's adventure, and he begins reading it with his grandfather.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, Stephan is the canonical main character of the game, starting off in the Town of Fora. After battling Silver Knight, he learns that Exitilus has returned, and so he sets out to follow in his ancestors' footsteps.

If the player chooses to start off as anyone other than Stephan, he will fill the role that was supposed to be taken by the selected player. This gives Stephan the most amount of possible roles (4) than anyone else (2).

Character Information

Class Information
Description Unknown
Health Range 50 - 1030
Energy Range Unknown
Offense Range 10 - 500
Defense Range 5 - 201
Power Range Unknown
Resistance Range Unknown
Agility Range 20 - 277
Luck Range 15 - 234
Equipable Weapons Swords, Shields, Axes, Bows
Equipable Armor Any
Other Boosts Unknown
Skills Strong Attack, Double Attack, Triple Attack, Weapon Break, Armor Break, Ultimate Slash, Pounding Blow, Thousand Arrows, Special Shield

Stephan is a well-rounded character. He is able to use any weapon type and shields, but is unable to use whips or any magic (aside from fused weapons). He does not truly excel in any parameter. Using Triple Attack, he can attack the most number of times out of any character and he can bring down his opponent's Attack and Defense using Weapon Break and Armor Break respectively.


Stephan learns these skills at the following levels.

Level Skill
5 Strong Attack
10 Double Attack
15 Triple Attack
20 Weapon Break
25 Armor Break
30 Ultimate Slash, Pounding Blow, Thousand Arrows, Special Shield


Stephan can transform into the following in Doppel's Dimension:

  • A blue color pallet
  • A character who's files are named Andrew
  • A monster character given by the RPG Maker engine
  • Exitilus
  • A brown-haired generic boy
  • A male Guardian
  • Freezeflame
  • Invisible
  • A boulder
  • A generic old man with the "party1" face graphic
  • A character who's files are named Howard
  • A dog
  • Kyle
  • A character who's files are named Caleb
  • A character who's files are named Migue
  • A heroic character given by the RPG Maker engine
  • Eko from Legends End
  • A fire spirit given by the RPG Maker engine
  • The Mysterious Man with his placeholder face graphic
  • Scott & Smith
  • The character Geoffrey Bodine made
  • Standard Stephan
  • Giant Jennifer
  • Giant Hamilton
  • Tiny Helen
  • Silver Knight
  • Jennifer
  • His Doppel variation
  • A yellow color pallet (after the endgame)

As an enemy

Stephan PM1.png
Enemy Statistics
Species None
Locations Town of Bora
Health 70
Energy None
Offense 85
Defense 15
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 15
Luck 25
Actions Attack (Sword)
Strong Against None
Weak Against None
Experience 50
Sers 0
Items Heal-All Health Vial
Stephan PM1.png
Enemy Statistics
Species None
Locations Area Unknown
Health 1580
Energy None
Offense 650
Defense 621
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 277
Luck 234
Actions Attack (Sword, Stone, Petrified), Strong Attack, Double Attack, Triple Attack, Weapon Break, Armor Break, Ultimate Slash, Special Shield
Strong Against Ice, Lightning, Dark, Physical, Paralyzed
Weak Against Stone, Light, Sword, Axe, Bow, Whip
Experience 500
Sers 500
Items None

Stephan is fought twice in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey: once as the Warrior of Bora if the player chooses to be Jennifer at the start of the game, and again as a part of Alex's team in the Area Unknown. To fight Alex's team, the player must find and talk to Alex in 26 different locations. Afterward, Alex will ask the player if they want to fight his team.

Card Info

Name: Stephan
Health: 1580
Attack: 650
Defense: 621
The hero of the story and the descendant of the legendary heroes of Moneo. Embarks on a quest to save the world from Exitilus once again. (Canonical information)

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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Stephan at the start of the game
"The descendant of the Legendary Heroes of Moneo. Kindhearted and is capable of great things, though can be rather brash at times. Wields Swords, Shields, and Wands."
-- Stephan's bio, Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Stephan appears in the remake of A Strange Journey, again as a player character, able to be assigned to any of these four roles: "Hero", "Warrior", "Digger", and "Cousin". Upon being recruited, he will be assigned their respective class ("Legendary Descendant", "Warrior of Bora", "Digger from Uora", and "Desert Cousin"). As one of the new mechanics in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, Stephan can no longer learn skills by leveling up. His design has changed slightly, but he overall has the same base appearance as last time.

As the main character, Stephan lives with his grandfather, the Guardian of Fora, in the Town of Fora. He is good friends with Andrew, Andrea, the town's Pam and Violet, and their sister, Jessica. Stephan is told to gather the Fora Gem from Fora Temple to help prepare for the thousandth year of peace ceremony, and ends up encountering Silver Knight. After a battle, Stephan is told of Exitous's return, and must set out to gather the other Gems before Exitous does.

Stephan has a personal sword, shield, and suit of armor. The armor can be found in his closet after defeating Silver Knight, whereas his sword and shield are a reward for completing Quest #48: The Friend's Challenge. If Stephan has a role other than the Hero, he will join the party with his sword, shield, and armor equipped.

Character information

Stephan has a 25% increase to the Defense stat, which is mainly meant to help differentiate him from the others that can take his role. He can equip Swords, Shields, Wands, and male-oriented clothing. As the Legendary Descendant, he is a well-rounded character, having decent stats in all categories and quick Level Ups. Stephan is mostly physically-oriented, but does have good magical stats as well.

As an enemy

Stephan MV Enemy.png
Enemy Statistics
Species Human
Locations Town of Bora
Health 559
Energy 64
Offense 30 x 115% x 120%
Defense 15 x 125% x 120% x 115%
Power 19
Resistance 17
Agility 60 x 120%
Luck 39
Actions Attack (Sword), Defend, Lightning
Strong Against Sword
Weak Against Lance, Shield Breaker, Weapon Breaker
Experience 150
Sers 0
Items Heal-All Health Vial

If the player chooses to make Stephan the Warrior at the start of Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, he can fought in his house in the Town of Bora if the player says they are looking for stuff. Stephan has high Health, Agility, and Defense, and uses his sword. He can attack with Lightning and can Defend. He is strong against swords, but is weak to lances and Weapon and Shield Breaker parameters. When defeated, he drops a Heal-All Health Vial and reluctantly agrees to help the player.

Files for a Doppel Stephan and Dark Stephan exist, but cannot be encountered properly yet.

Update history

  • 0.1.0 demo - Stephan is capable of wielding lances, whips, and axes, in addition to the weapons and armor he used in the original game. Stephan also gains additional expressions. The player starts as Stephan, though they can chose to swap with another character by talking to them.
  • 0.2.0 demo - Stephan only has access to swords, shields, and wands, but can use other weapons by wearing certain armor. He also loses his expressions, making way to armor-based portraits in later demos.
  • 0.3.0 demo - No notable adjustments have been made.
  • Final demo - Stephan's portrait, player battler, and enemy battler graphics have changed and some statistics have been adjusted. Stephan regains his expressions, due to armor-based portraits being removed.


Stephan was created similar to the "generic heroes" seen in most anime and games.[3] Stephan has gone through several different designs, but he has mostly retained his look through each of them.


For this subject's gallery, see Gallery:Stephan.


  • The art of Stephan used in his Power Master 1R: A Strange Journey wallpaper has two left hands.
  • At the end of Legends End Book One: War, Part One: The Lives we Lost, during the "About the Author" segment, Stephan's name is misspelled as "Stephen" in the first edition. This was fixed in later editions.


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