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Legends End

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The first edition of Legends End: Part One

Legends End is a book series created by Geoffrey Bodine, who is the brother to the Power Master creator, Alexander Bodine. While the series of Legends End itself has nothing to do with the Power Master series, several characters and events have crossed over between each other.

Legends End references in Power Master

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the player characters can become characters from Legends End (Eko, Kat, Clayton, and Rona) by standing on a specific tile in Doppel's Dimension. They can also become the respective characters by naming them "LegendsEnd" when prompted.

Power Master 1R Story

In the Power Master 1R Story, Andrabax (the land Legends End is set in) is mentioned by Chris when everyone is trapped in Hora Headquarters in Chapter 6: Hypnock and the Time-Traveling Girl.

Power Master references in Legends End

Legends End Book One: War, Part One: The Lives we Lost

The Mysterious Man appears to talk to Kat as she is exploring the Bandit's Market. He is mentioned once more at the end of the book when Kat enters the doorway to the Underworld. This is recalled in the next book Legends End Book One: War, Interlude One: Journal of Death.

Legends End Book One: War, Part Two: The Sin of Magic

The Mysterious Man appears when Eko is trying to figure out where to go. While Eko is sitting on a bench, the Mysterious Man appears, much to Eko's surprise. The character Celia (who is watching from afar) has the ability to sense other magic users, but she does not sense the Mysterious Man's presence when he appears, and claims he uses something other than Andrabaxian Magic.


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