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Alexander Bodine

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"See you around!"
-- Alex's send-off, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Alexander Bodine
Character Information
Aliases/Titles Alex, Al, Alex95, Powmas, Power Master, PowerMaster64, Bodine95, PowerMasterAlex
Relatives Lincoln Reign (Younger brother)
Affiliation Good
Appearances PM1, PMMV
Biographical Information
Date of birth April 3rd, 1995
Place of birth Oak Harbor, Washington, USA
Date of death None
Place of death None
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Age None

Alexander Ryan Bodine (last name pronounced "Bo-deen") is the creator of the Power Master series. He will appear in every game, though as a minor character, to talk about development. He is also the founder of this wiki, and can be found on many other wikis, under the name Alex95 (talk - contributions).


Alex was born on April 3, 1995 in Oak Harbor, Washington, USA. He first started playing video games when he was two, starting with Super Mario 64. Since then, he has played many Nintendo-created games, such as The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem among others. Before he created Power Master, he drew out some games based on Nintendo's characters in notebooks[1]. He started creating Power Master in 2009. Alex has various health and mental disorders, such as Autism and Tourette's, both of which makes it difficult for Alex to express himself, but helps him think differently and is friendly to most.

Appearances in Power Master

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Alex first appears after Power Master 1: A Strange Journey has been completed, right outside the player's house in the Town of Fora. His role is to tell players more about the game and characters' development. He is found in 26 areas, listed below. Once all 26 of him has been talked to, he will challenge the player to his team in Area Unknown. Additionally, when under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, the Alex in Area Unknown will turn into a character his brother, Geoffrey Bodine, created.

Alex's Locations
Area Topic                      Transformation
Town of Fora Welcomes the player - Area Unknown None
Fora Forest Stephan's development Placeholder Stephan
Fora Temple - Boss Floor Mysterious Characters Silver Knight
Town of Bora Jennifer's development Placeholder Jennifer
Bora - Shop Pam and Violet Pam
Bora Building - Top Hypnock's development Hypnock
Town of Dora Helen and Scott & Smith's development Placeholder Helen
Town of Eora Cut content Charles
Eora Everlasting - Second section Eora Everlasting A character named Madison
Gora Graveyard Satoru Iwata A character named Migue
Town of Hora Original concepts A character named Sobie
Town of Jora Strange development cycle A character named Andrew
Town of Kora Nintendo's inspiration Mysterious Man
Lora Lake The Three Mages Green Mage
Mora Cave Gobem's development Gobem
Town of Nora The bugs Latridow
Pora Plains Power Master and Pora Plains' development A character named Boomer
Qora Quarry The mine cart problem Fuse
Town of Rora Town names Marina
Sora Sky Sora Sky and Skragon's development Skragon
Town of Uora - Hamilton's house Hamilton's development Placeholder Hamilton
Town of Wora Lack of stage Generic Man
Town of Xora Stage change Xenu
Town of Yora Mini-games and Battle Mode Gold Knight
Zora Zone - End Zora Zone and Doppel His Doppel variation
Cora Castle - Exterior Power Master 1R: A Stranger Journey Kyle

Battle in Area Unknown

Alex's team consists of his versions of Stephan, Jennifer, Hamilton, and Helen. His team can be fought when all 26 of him are talked to. View their respective pages for more info on the team's characters.

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

In the 0.1.0 demo of Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, Alex is found near the center of Fora and welcomes the player to the game, along with providing links to several Power Master-related sites. Alex is absent in the 0.2.0 demo and onwards, though he has a message at the end of the fourth demo when the player collects all the Gems and will appear in the full game.

Appearances in other media

Alex with actress Hayley Kiyoko on set
Alex with actor Garrett M. Brown on set

Alex appears as an extra in the movie Hello, My Name is Frank. Alex, who is in a red shirt, walks behind the three actresses talking during the graduation party scene in the house. Alex was invited on the set of the movie after his mother heard the movie was based around Tourette's, a mental symptom that Alex has. Thinking they were making fun of the symptom, his mother contacted them, to which they denied that was not what they were doing and invited Alex and his mother down to the nearby set they were shooting that day to check it out. Alex had the opportunity to talk to Garrett M. Brown (who plays the titular Frank) about what Tourette's are and watched as Garret played out his role. He was invited to be an extra during the graduation party a month later.