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Town of Lora

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The Town of Lora (also called the Town of The Freshest Fish) is a town first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey within the Land of Moneo and is built next to a lake.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Town of Lora
Lora in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Area Information
Residents Guardian of Lora, Pam, Violet
Enemies None
Inn Rate 10 Sers
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Land of Moneo (north and south), Lora Lake (west), Town of Sora (Well)

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Guardian of Lora's house is in the northwestern part of town, with the Shop in the northeast and the Inn in the southeast. It is the only town in Moneo with two entries into it, one in the north and one in the south.

In Lora's house, the Guardian tells the player that he gave the Lora Gem to a trio of mages who were pretending to be the heroes. They trapped the Guardian in his basement after receiving the Gem, and he remained there until the player rescued him. After completing the game, three elderly women can be found in Lora's house. When under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, they are revealed to be The Three Mages.

Shop's Wares

Item Sers
Aqualung 50
Health Vial 20
Medicine Vial 30
Life Vial 250
Steel Sword 20
Steel Axe 40
Steel Bow 10
Steel Shield 10
Steel Armor 120
Steel Helmet 40
Book of Ice 50


The characters in town transform into the following when the player is under the effects of Doppel's Dimension:

  • Woman in town - A tree
  • Well - The woman
  • Man in the house - Pie
  • Pam - Red Mage
  • Elderly woman in the Shop - Roast pig
  • Boy in the Shop - Fruit basket
  • Violet - Blue Mage
  • Elderly man in the Inn - Character given by the RPG Maker engine


  • The player can find a Bronze Ser (20) in the closet in the northeast room in the Inn.