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Skipper is the captain of Oora Ship in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. His name comes from the term skipper, meaning one who commands a ship. It's revealed his true name is Jake in the Power Master 1R Story and that his crewmembers are actually his family[1].

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

File:Skipper PM1.png
Enemy Statistics
Species Human
Locations Oora Ship
Health 50
Energy None
Offense 20
Defense 20
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 10
Luck 10
Actions Attack (Physical)
Strong Against None
Weak Against None
Experience None
Sers None
Items Skipper Card

Skipper received the Oora Gem from Exitilus after wishing for him and his family to endlessly sail the ocean together. The wish made Oora Ocean gradually expand, ultimately flooding into the town of Oora.

When the player arrives on Oora Ship and asks for the Gem, a member of Skipper's crew states it is their most prized possession and will not give it up. Angry at the player, Skipper commands his crew to attack. Skipper has no special traits or skills. When challenging Skipper, he gives up after a single turn has passed, apologizes for his actions, and claims he was unaware of the flooding in Oora.

Card Info

  • To get Skipper's card in PM1, the player must defeat his entire team in one turn, before Skipper ends it.

Name: Skipper
Health: 50
Attack: 20
Defense: 20
The captain of his ship. Used the Gem to gain followers and to sail an endless sea. Not very strong...



  1. “Jake, why are we tied up and who are these people?” - Thomas, Jake's father, to Skipper in the Power Master 1R Story, Chapter 12: Ocean Heart