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Exitous, originally Exitilus and also titled Power Master Exitilus[1], is the boss of Cora Castle, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey as the final boss.


Exitous was originally the Guardian of the Town of Cora. He became tempted and corrupted by the power of the Gems, claiming that the Gems' powers were being severely limited by the Guardians simply guarding them[2]. Prior to the events of Power Master 1, Exitous was defeated by the hero's ancestors, Kyle and Merlina and was sent to the Paradox Dimension. Exitous escaped from the Paradox Dimension and wished to gather the Gems once more. The cause of his escape is unknown and the Mysterious Man has claimed he is looking into it. What Exitous plans to do with the Gems is kept secret, saying he has learned something incomprehensible by Stephan and his friends[3].

Hunter is regarded as his grandson, but only due to the similar power the two share. Whether Hunter is directly related to Exitous or not is currently unknown.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Exitilus PM1.png
Enemy Statistics
Species Human
Locations Cora Castle
Health 50000
Energy None
Offense None
Defense 350
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 150
Luck 130
Actions Attack (None), Guard, Triple Attack, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Poison Cloud, Dark Cloud, Confusion Song, Sleep Breath, Paralyze Breath, Heal III, Possess, Petrify
Strong Against Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Stone, Wind, Light, Dark, Confused, Asleep, Paralyzed, Blown, Petrified, Possessed
Weak Against Sword, Axe, Bow, Whip
Experience 10000
Sers 10000
Items Cora Gem, Exitilus Card

Exitilus is found sitting on his throne at the top of Cora Castle. When the hero comes to defeat Exitilus in Cora Castle, Exitilus has used the Gems to gain great power and is unable to be defeated by the player. The Mysterious Man steps in and uses his power to take the Gems and give them back to the player, weakening Exitilus's power. Upon defeating Exitilus, he, and the rest of the Guardians, vanish, ultimately completing the main game.

During battle, Exitilus knows a multitude of attacks, skills, and status inflicting moves. He is capable of poisoning, blinding, confusing, paralyzing, petrifying, possessing, putting the player to sleep, and healing himself. Exitilus is strong against all forms of magic attacks as well as being immune to being confused, asleep, paralyzed, Blown, petrified, and possessed (even though the player never has access to that status ailment). However, Exitilus is weak to all weapons.

Exitilus can still be fought if the player returns to Cora Castle, as a sort of post-endgame extra. After defeating him a certain number of times, he will change the way he reacts to the player. After 100 battles, he immediately gives up and can then be fought in the Area Unknown. Exitilus can also be fought, alongside the Mysterious Man and Hunter, in the Fairy Spring using the same stats as his regular battle.

Card Info

Name: Exitilus
Health: 50000
Attack: 850
Defense: 350
The fallen Guardian who seeks the Gems to fulfill an unknown purpose. Was defeated by your ancestors and somehow returned.

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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Exitous, under his new name, returns in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV as the final boss. While he currently has yet to appear in any of the demos, he is mentioned and his influences can be felt, such as with him granting Skipper his wish for an endless ocean.



  • When Exitilus takes the Gems from the player in Power Master 1, he offers a choice to the player to either join him or fight. Joining him will cause the game to softlock, referencing a similar event with the Dragonlord at the end of the first Dragon Quest[4].
  • After defeating Exitilus fifty times in Power Master 1 and returning to him, he references Ghosts 'n Goblins and Pro Wrestling by sarcastically stating "Congraturation" and "a winner is you" respectively.


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