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Area Unknown

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Area Unknown
Area Unknown.png
Area Unknown in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Area Information
Residents None
Enemies Freezeflame, Hypnock, Exitilus, Blide, Girit, Silver Knight, Phantom, GrandHypnock, Eleel, Roque, Hunter, The Three Mages, Gobem, Queen Ant, Queen Bee, Latridow, Swid, Fuse, Bruze, Skragon, Dotwood, Burrow, Danger, Xenu, Gold Knight, Doppel, Mysterious Man, Stephan, Jennifer, Hamilton, Helen
Inn Rate None
Greater Location Unknown
Connections Fora (exit)

The Area Unknown is an area in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. It is a large, purple, secluded area. In game, it is a place where the player is able to re-fight all the bosses they have defeated, excluding Skipper. The bosses will appear here once they are defeated in the main game. The Mysterious Man and Alexander Bodine's team can also be battled here. It can be accessed by checking the fireplace in the Town of Fora's Inn. Leaving the area will bring the player to the fireplace in their house.

Originally, the area was not supposed to exist in the final game. It was created "for fun" during the testing stages, but was carried over.[1]


  1. "[...]the Mysterious Man fight in the inn is more of an Easter Egg. It was created for fun during the testing stages and was brought over into the real game for fun. Eventually, it turned into a place where you could refight the bosses." - Alex in Fora, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey