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Xenu is a large, insect-like, Extraterrestrial alien that is first seen as the boss of Xora Spaceship in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey and is the leader of the Aliens.


Xenu is a large alien resembling a red flying insect with large black claws and stinger. Xenu commanded its troops to take the residents of the Town of Xora's belongings to the ship so they can study them for unknown research.

Xenu gets its name from the mythical, dictator alien from Scientology who came to Earth with his people 75 million years ago.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Enemy Statistics
Species Extraterrestrial
Locations Xora Spaceship
Health 1500
Energy None
Offense 450
Defense 200
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 10
Luck 10
Actions Attack (Dark), Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Poison Cloud, Paralyze Breath, Life Drain
Strong Against Confused
Weak Against None
Experience 250
Sers 100
Items Xora Gem, Book of Meteor, Xenu Card

Xenu is found at the end of its spaceship. Upon defeating Xenu, the player is immediately warped out of the Spaceship, which is never seen again throughout the course of the game.

Xenu has a variety of attacks, half of which can either poison or paralyze the player as well as drain their life. It is immune to becoming Confused, but has no other strengths or weaknesses.

In Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, Xenu is replaced with Galactrila.

Card Info

Name: Xenu
Health: 1500
Attack: 450
Defense: 200
The leader of the extraterrestrial aliens. Stole the town's belongings for "research."