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Cut Content of Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

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This is a list of all the content that didn't make it into the final game of Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


Originally, the four main characters could have their roles swapped, i.e. Helen could be the digger from Uora. In the final game, only the main hero character can be swapped, with Stephan taking the open role. Also, the player could originally only recruit the hero and the warrior of Bora.
Additionally, none of the side-quest characters had names. In the notebook, they appear to be simple Generic Characters with a "!" above them, along with a quest number.
A character based on Geoffrey Bodine was also supposed to appear in more areas than just Yora Yore, though he was ultimately removed from the other areas.
Pam was originally created to be a man.[1]


Bora Building and Lora Grotto had different layouts. In Bora Building, the player had to find Keys in order to open doors and progress. Lora Grotto had players push boulders on to switches.
In Cora Castle, the player was originally supposed to fight Doppel in the room where The Three Mages are fought, and The Three Mages were fought in the room were Danger's copy is now fought.
The Wondering Souls in Eora Dungeon were originally fought in Eora Everlasting, but were moved to the Dungeon so players could focus more on the maze itself.
Gora Graveyard had less graves in it and a different puzzle was present on the third floor of Gora Mansion.
Iora Cavern had cyclones.
Kora Kingdom had a large wall, which prevented the player from exploring the area.
An Auction House was placed in Pora. Though it is not accessible, the house still exists in the game's code.
The minecart in Qora Quarry was originally usable, meant to be used to break down barriers.[2]
Sora Sky and Sora Sky Towers' area sizes were much smaller, and the player had to use Books of Water and Wind to blow clouds around.[3]
Some structures still remained in the town of Vora, including a bed the player could sleep in.
The entirety of Wora's dungeon, called "Wora Tidal Pool", was cut, along with its boss, a rock-like creature named Sunk. Similarly, Xora's original dungeon was cut, which was based on playing large instruments. Xora's dungeon ultimately became Xora Xeno and Xora Spaceship.
Doppel's Dimension had a completely different layout, resembling more like a platforming stage.[4]


Most enemy stats are different from in the final game.
Freezeflame appears to have originally been frozen in ice, or have been an ice-based creature.
The player could fight Fade at one point.
Roque and The Three Mages had different appearances, with The Three Mages looking like Magikoopas from the Mario series.
Gobem had a blue orb on its head and was fought similarly to the Egg Golem from Sonic Adventure 2.[5]
Latridow was named "Daddy Long Legs".
Swid does not appear to have originally been made out of sewage.
Fuse looked similar to a Bob-omb from the Mario series.[6]
Danger looked more like an eel-type creature.
Gold Knight rode a horse and had a lance.


Jumping was planned to be a command, instead of jumping in certain areas like over ledges.
Online connectivity was planned, through the Shop and Inn joint buildings in the Town of Eora and the Town of Nora, though the functions of which are unknown.
The Aqualung, Ice Block, and Heat Pack were all originally suits of armor.


Several items were planned, but a number didn't make it into the final game. One mechanic of the game was letting the player decorate their house with furniture items. Since the mechanic was removed, the items were removed as well.
Health Vials and Life Vials were originally named "Potions" and "Elixirs" respectively.


Quest #5 was given by a deceased woman in Gora Mansion. The reward of the quest would have been free nights in bed, though the player can just simply sleep in the bed in the final game.
Quest #6 was originally the Guardian of Hora telling the player to put out the fires in town. In the final game, quest #6 is given by Samantha in Sora and the fires in Hora are put out immediately after defeating GrandHypnock.
Quest #8 was given by a man in Lora. The objective was to help him defeat 10 Wolves in Aora Avalanche.
Quest #9 was given by a man in Mora, who wanted the player to find the Healing Panel at the top of Mora Mountain.
Quest #10 was given by a person in Nora, who wanted help getting the Bees out of their house.
Quest #12 was given by the female member of Skipper's Crewmembers and wanted to know which of her beds was comfier.
Quest #15 was given by the Guardian of Pora, where he wanted the player to get him a bed.
Quest #16 was given by the Guardian of Sora, where he wanted the player to deliver letters to the other Guardians.
Gold Knight could have been fought again after his initial defeat, which would have been quest #20.


There are 299 maps in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, but the highest map value is 306. Maps get deleted throughout development and a new one takes its place on occasion, with the new map having the ID of the deleted map, starting in chronological order. Though the statistic leaves a gap of five missing maps, maps 283 through 289 are missing, which is a gap of seven maps.


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