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Dora Pyramid

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Dora Pyramid is a large pyramid that sits at the end of Dora Desert. It is first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Dora Pyramid
Dora Pyramid 1.png
First floor of Dora Pyramid
Dungeon Information
Greater location Land of Moneo
Connections Dora Desert (exit)
Enemies Archers, Mummies, Blide

The first floor contains three paths, each with a stairway to the basement floor, and a ladder up to the second floor in the main room. Archers will attack the player in this dungeon.

Entering one of the stairs on the first floor will bring the player to the respective room on the basement floor. The room on the left has a toggle Switch, which alternates which path is accessible. The player needs to make the middle room accessible and use a Bomb on the log, which will open up the path on the second floor.

With the log bombed on the basement floor, the passageway between bridges on the second floor will be opened. Walking along the bridges, the player can make their way to the next room or to a Treasure Chest containing a Book of Stone. The player is unable to walk off the logs, but is able to fall off the connecting ground pieces.
In the next room, stepping in front of the boulder will cause it to roll after the player, though the player can move out of the way and let it roll away. Getting hit by the boulder will cause the player to take serious damage, causing a Game Over if their Health is low enough. Once at the end of the room, the player can either fall down the hole to the next room or take the Transport Panel out of the dungeon. Mummies are added to the enemy encounters on this floor.

The only thing on the bottom floor is the boss, Blide. Defeating him will warp the player back to the Guardian of Dora's house, completing the dungeon. If the player were to come down here after they've completed the game, they would be stuck as the Gems no longer work.


Four treasures can be found in this dungeon:

  • Star Shard - Chest in the left room of the B1F.
  • Stone Sword - Chest in the right room of the B1F.
  • Book of Stone - Chest on the second floor, the player needs to take the bottom path of bridges.
  • Gold Shield - Chest in the room with the boulder, the player needs to get it before the boulder destroys it.