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Lora Grotto

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Lora Grotto
First floor of Lora Grotto in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Dungeon Information
Greater location Land of Moneo
Connections Lora Lake (exit)
Enemies Fire Magicians, Ice Magicians, Wind Magicians, The Three Mages

Lora Grotto is a submerged structure sitting at the bottom of Lora Lake. It first appears in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Throughout the dungeon, the player will encounter groups of Fire Magicians, Ice Magicians, and Wind Magicians. Ice tiles will also make the player constantly slip in the direction they were moving in until they hit a solid object or dirt patch. Also, exiting the dungeon will reset the water levels.

In order for the player to progress past the pool of water at the entrance, they will need an Aqualung in their inventory. This is to ensure that the player does have the proper item needed in order to progress through the dungeon. The lever to the left on the first floor does not currently do anything and the player is unable to reach the Treasure Chest to the right at the moment.
With the water level half-full, the player can reach a Treasure Chest with a Steel Bow in it. Activating the lever will now fill the floor with water, which will submerge the Treasure Chest and make the Steel Bow inaccessible.

On the basement floor, the player needs to maneuver their way to the lever in the far left room, using the crystals and dirt patches to change direction. Once they make it to the switch and activate it, the basement will flood partially. Then they need to return to the first floor using the ladder they used before.
Upon activating the lever on the first floor, the basement floor will flood and allow the player to reach a ladder to the second floor.

The northern half of the second floor is entirely covered in ice, so the player needs to use the crystals to change their direction. Making their way over the western side of the floor and entering the next room, the player can push either one of the giant snowballs to move forward. Pushing the one second from the top will block a passage containing a Scroll. Activating the lever to fill this floor with water, the player can now make their way to the accessible ladder leading to the third floor.

On the third floor, the player has the option to leave the dungeon using the Transfer Panel to the north of this floor. To continue, the player needs to push the snowballs around until they open a passage through. As little as three pushes can be used to make a path. Entering the passageway to the next room will start a conversation with The Three Mages, immediately followed by their boss fight. Once they are defeated, the player will be brought to a restored Lora Lake.


In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, Lora Grotto was originally covered entirely in ice, though the slipping property wasn't added. The design on the second floor mimics the path the players need to take in the final version.