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Town of Cora

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Town of Cora
Cora in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Area Information
Residents None
Enemies None
Inn Rate None
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Yora (Well), Cora Castle (North)

The Town of Cora is a town within the Land of Moneo, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Cora is the final town the player is able to access in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. It is only accessible through Yora's well after the player gathers the other twenty-five Gems in the game and uses them to open a gate.

The town itself is desolate and all of the buildings are locked. No one lives in it as it has been isolated in the mountains for some time, blocked off from the rest of the world. The only way in and out is through the well. Directly north of the town is Cora Castle.