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Bottom of the Well

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The Bottom of the Well is a large, interconnected system of passages that are accessed through the wells in towns.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Bottom of the Well in Power Master 1

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the well acts as a sort of shortcut from one town to another. This can be used to get around Moneo quickly, even if the player doesn't have the right Gem or the Airship. The only time the player really needs to enter the well is when trying to get into the Town of Cora from the Town of Yora, due to Cora only being accessible through the well, though the gate to Cora will only open if the player has gathered the other 25 Gems. The passage between the Town of Uora and the Town of Kora is blocked off in order to prevent the player from skipping the Jewel Dragons fights. The only enemies encountered down here are Bats. The character Jasmine is encountered in the passage between the Town of Pora and the Town of Jora during her quest.

Town Connections