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Oora Lighthouse

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Oora Lighthouse
Inside Oora Lighthouse in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Area Information
Residents None
Enemies None
Inn Rate None
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Oora Ocean (exit), Island (Transport Panel)

Oora Lighthouse is a location within the Town of Oora, first appearing in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. It is positioned on a cliff overlooking Oora Ocean, meant to guide ships to the docks in the dark or bad weather, like a usual lighthouse. However, the lighthouse has not worked in years, according to Octavis[1]. While Oora Ocean is flooded, half of the lighthouse is underwater. Under the lighthouse is a secret basement only a select number of people know about, which contains a Transport Panel to an Island.

Once the player defeats Skipper and the town returns to normal, the player can no longer enter the lighthouse.


  1. "Wow... This control board hasn't been touched in a while..." - Octavis, when checking the controls with him on the team.