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Galactrila is a boss enemy first seen in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.


Galactrila is a reptilian-like warrior from some other planet. Around one hundred years ago, Galactrila visited Earth with the intent to dominate it. However, she was defeated by some child, and she left to restrengthen herself to one day return and challenge this child again. By the time she returned in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, that child has long since passed[1]. Galactrila took this chance to try and conquer Earth once more, taking away the belongings of the people in the Town of Xora, where she landed, to reduce their chances of success against her. One of these items she collected was the Xora Gem, so Stephan fights Galactrila in order to get it back and return the belongings.

Galactrila is of a warrior race that shows dominance and strength by conquering other worlds. Having been defeated twice, first by this child one hundred years ago and then by Stephan's group, Galactrila starts to doubt her abilities and would rather choose death over having to return home. Despite her demeanor, Galactrila appears to be an honorable character, which her race seems to be built around. She follows through with her word of returning the belongings to the people of Xora and leaves when told to do so. Galactrila is both a physically and mentally strong character, capable of standing on her own in battle, commanding an army of Trapazoids, regeneration, and telepathy.

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

PMMV Galactrila Battler.png
Enemy Statistics
Species Extraterrestrial
Locations Xora Spaceship
Health 700
Energy 500
Offense 100
Defense 30
Power 250
Resistance 25
Agility 50
Luck 35
Actions Attack (Dark / Demon), Drain, Poison, Mute
Strong Against Lightning, Dark
Weak Against Fire, Light, Stone, Silver
Experience 7000
Sers 300
Items Poison Wand, Demon Wear

In Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, Galactrila is found in her spaceship which is resting on the dark side of The Moon. She had come down and landed near the Town of Xora and stole the peoples belongings, which consisted of the Xora Gem. Galactrila then retreats to the Moon to inspect the items she took, and is confronted by Stephan.

In battle, Galactrila is joined by two Trapazoids. The player is immediately drained of their Health at the start of the battle, with all party members starting with 1 HP. Galactrila has a regeneration attribute, which restores 5% of her Health at the start of every turn. She is also capable of Draining a player character's Health to restore her own, and can use Poison and Mute. She is strong against Lightning- and Dark-based attacks, though is weak to Fire-, Light-, Stone-, and Silver-based attacks.

After defeating Galactrila, she will return the belongings she stole and then leaves. If the player fails to defeat Galactrila, she will boast about her victory and take the heroes back to her homeworld.



  1. "I... was defeated... around one of your centuries ago... Defeated... by a child... The humiliation! I left... building strength... plans for revenge... ...Just to find that child... is long since gone..." - Galactrila, Power Master: A Strange Journey MV