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File:PM1 Health Bar.png
The Health bar in Power Master 1

Health (which can be abbreviated to either HP or Hth) is a character stat that determines how much damage a character can take. With each hit they take, their Health will deplete, though it can be recovered using recovery items (such as a Health Vial) or skills (such as Heal). The Maximum Health (which can be abbreviated to either Max HP or Max Hth) determines the maximum value of Health the character has and can be increased by Leveling Up or by using Health boosting items like a Scroll. Usually when a character's Health reaches 0, they are given the condition Knocked Out and can no longer battle until they are revived. If every member on an enemy team is Knocked Out, the player wins the battle. If every member on the player team is Knocked Out, the player will receive a Game Over and will have to continue from their last Save. However, there can be exceptions to this rule, which varies based on circumstance.