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Town of Hora

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Hora is a town within the northern segment of the Land of Moneo, first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Town of Hora
Hora Town.png
Hora in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Area Information
Residents Hora, Pam, Violet
Enemies None
Inn Rate 0 Sers
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Land of Moneo (south), Hora Headquarters (north), Wora (Well)

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey , the town of Hora has fallen under the control of GrandHypnock after his defeat by the player at Bora Building. He hypnotized the residents into destroying the town and Thieves run amuck. The player is able to fight the residents in town and they will snap out of their trance once defeated. The player is able to fight the Guardian of Hora, Pam, Violet, and two Generic Characters.

Shop's Wares

After defeating Pam, she will sell the player her things for half off of the original price.

Item Sers
Health Vial 10
Medicine Vial 15
Big Sword 20
Big Axe 40
Big Bow 10
Big Shield 10
Book of Fire 15
Book of Water 15
Thief's Attire 30


Hora after the endgame

After the player has completed the game, Hora will be mostly put back together. The houses are all fixed, the fires have been put out, and the dead trees have been replanted. Pam will still sell her wares for half off and Violet will still give the player a free room.


When the player is under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, the characters in Hora transform:

  • Violet - Male Guardian
  • Woman in the Inn - A door that leads to a Helen Card
  • Pam - Female Guardian
  • Old woman - Gobem
  • Boy - Swid
  • Boy in town - girl (after the endgame)
  • Well - Ladder

Alex's Statement

Alexander Bodine is found in the center of town. When transformed, he turns into Sobie.

I wanted this game to flow as close to my original idea as possible, which explains some of the weird dialogue. I'm not the best writer... Anyway, I was willing to make some cosmetic changes throughout the game. For example, every house was originally yellow both inside and out and was very bland. Only the resident and sometimes a bed was shown. I'm not the best decorator either, but at least now it looks like people actually LIVE in the house rather than just sit there at stare at a wall. The original exterior design I decided to keep as the Guardian's home. Well, see you around!

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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The town of Hora was shown in a trailer for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, showing the town as normal and then ruined[1].