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Sers are the currency used in the Power Master games. While they are first used in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, Sers do not actually appear until Power Master: A Strange Journey MV where they appear in the overworld as collectables. Sers have different values based on their color. While the games will usually signify what Ser the player receives (such as "You got an Iron Ser (5)!"), values that do not have a corresponding Ser will simply display a message containing just the value (such as "You got 75 Sers!"). In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Sers used a metallic name to signify them, but in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV and onward, the Sers use colors to signify the differences. Additionally, two forms of Sers are introduced in that game: Serges, which are large Sers that double the amount of their smaller counterpart, and Zers, which are dark Sers that reduce the amount of Sers the player has. Some Serges are not used due to another Ser having the same value; for example, there are no Yellow Serges due to a Red Ser having the same value (2).

Sers in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Type Amount
Copper Ser 1
Iron Ser 5
Steel Ser 10
Bronze Ser 20
Silver Ser 50
Platinum Ser 100
Gold Ser 200
Diamond Ser 500

Sers in later games

Type Amount Serge Amount
Yellow 1 2
Red 2 4
Blue 5 10
Green 10 20
Purple 20 40
Orange 50 100
White 100 200
Zer -100 -200