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Town of Eora

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The Town of Eora (also called the Home of the Everlasting Maze) is a town within the Land of Moneo, first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. It is known for the large maze, known as Eora Everlasting, sitting to the east of town.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Town of Eora
Area Information
Residents Guardian of Eora, Pam, Violet
Enemies None
Inn Rate 30 Sers
Greater Location Land of Moneo
Connections Land of Moneo (West), Eora Everlasting (East), Gora (Well)

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Guardian of Eora's house is in the northwest and the Shop/Inn joint building in in the south. This is one of two towns with the Shop/Inn joint, with the other being Nora.

Shop's Wares

Item Sers
Health Vial 20
Mega Health Vial 150
Medicine Vial 30
Life Vial 250
Great Sword 30
Great Axe 60
Great Bow 15
Great Shield 15
Book of Light 40
Steel Armor 120
Steel Helmet 40


One quest can be completed in Eora. After giving Josh the 500 Sers in Aora, he will move into the empty house in Eora. Talking to him will get the player their 500 Sers back as well as a Blizzard Sword.


The following characters transform when the player is under the effects of Doppel's Dimension:

  • Girl in town - Alicia
  • Boy in town - GrandHypnock
  • Man in town - Girit
  • Pam - Madison
  • Violet - Stan
  • Old Man in Shop - Bottle
  • Woman in Shop - Character given by the RPG Maker engine
  • Girl in Inn - Hunter
  • Man in Inn - Stool (stepping on it will display the message "Oof!")
  • Well - A pit


  • Steel Ser (10) - Drawers in the bottom-right room of the Inn

Alex's Statement

Alexander Bodine is found to the left of the Shop/Inn joint after the game is completed. When under the effects of Doppel's Dimension, he turns into Charles.

There are some concepts in this game that I had to cut due to my lack of fully understanding how RPGMaker works. I had planned an item dropping idea where one player on a file can drop an item on the ground so another player can pick it up. Another canned idea was an online mode. It would allow players to trade items or battle others. Eora Everlasting was also originally going to be, well, everlasting, but it would've gone on forever, hence its name. Some of these could come back in the remake, as well. Well, see you around!