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Josh's Quest

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Josh's Quest
PM1 Josh's Quest.png
Quest Information
Start Josh
End Josh
Prerequisites Fora Gem, 500 Sers
Location Town of Aora
Rewards Blizzard Shield, Blizzard Sword, 500 Sers
Other Info None
Quest Progression
Lost Love
Sleep Tight

Josh's Quest is an unnamed quest and the third quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


To start this quest, the player has to talk to Josh in the southeast house in the Town of Aora. If the player has at least 500 Sers, Josh will ask the player if they'd be willing to lend him 500 Sers to help him move to a new house. If the player obliges and talks to Josh again in the Town of Eora, the quest will end.


Accepting Josh's request and paying him 500 Sers will reward the player with a Blizzard Shield. Talking to him again in Eora will reward the player with a Blizzard Sword and Josh paying back the player their 500 Sers.