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Sleep Tight

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Sleep Tight
PM1 Sleep Tight.png
Quest Information
Start Convict in Eora Dungeon
End Convict in Eora Dungeon
Prerequisites Fora Gem, Book of Sleep
Location Eora Dungeon
Rewards Book of Scorch
Other Info None
Quest Progression
Josh's Quest
Leftover Worries

Sleep Tight is the fourth quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


To start this quest, the player has to talk to a convict on the second basement floor of Eora Dungeon. He will ask if the player has a Book of Sleep they can use on his wife, to help her fall asleep. Putting the wife to sleep and talking to the husband will end the quest.


The husband will reward the player with a Book of Scorch when his wife is put to sleep.