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Leftover Worries

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Leftover Worries
PM1 Leftover Worries.png
Quest Information
Start Samantha
End Samantha
Prerequisites Fora Gem
Location Town of Sora
Rewards Scroll
Other Info None
Quest Progression
Sleep Tight
Fashion Sense

Leftover Worries is the fifth quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


To start this quest, the player has to enter the empty house in the northwest of the Town of Sora and wait. After a few seconds, Samantha will appear and the player can talk to her. She will ask if the player can take her to find her daughters, as she wants to tell them that she's alright. One of her daughters can be found in the town of Fora, in the empty house to the west. Talking to her with Samantha in the party will reveal that her sibling passed away a few months earlier, which prompted her to leave Sora. Returning Samantha to her house in Sora will end the quest.


Once Samantha is returned to her home, she will give the player a Scroll as thanks.