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Blazing Soul

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Blazing Souls are variants of the Wondering Soul enemy first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. They are skeletons with a red tint and are on fire.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Blazing Soul
Blazing Soul.png
Enemy Statistics
Species Undead
Locations Jora Incinerator, Land of Moneo
Health 200
Energy None
Offense 350
Defense 100
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 10
Luck 35
Actions Attack (Fire), Fire Breath, Fire II
Strong Against Fire
Weak Against Water
Experience 50
Sers 50
Items Book of Burn, Blazing Soul Card

Blazing Souls appear in Jora Incinerator as well as the surrounding area around the town of Jora. They know the Fire-based skills Fire Breath and Fire II and are strong against Fire attacks, but are weak to Water-based attacks.

Card Info

Name: Blazing Soul
Health: 200
Attack: 350
Defense: 100
A variant of the Wondering Soul. Capable of burning it's[typo] opponent with a single touch.