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Infobox Enemy
No image yet
Enemy Statistics
Species None
Locations None
Health None
Energy None
Offense None
Defense None
Power None
Resistance None
Agility None
Luck None
Actions None
Strong Against None
Weak Against None
Experience None
Sers None
Items None
{{Infobox Enemy
 | title        = Name of the enemy (ex: Monster)
 | image        = Image file of the enemy (ex: [[File:Monster.png|200px]]
 | caption      = Image caption (ex: A Monster in ''[[Power Master 1: A Strange Journey]]'')
 | species      = The enemy's species (ex: [[:Category:Animated|Animated]])
 | location     = The enemy's known locations (ex: [[Fora Forest]], [[Land of Moneo]])
 | health       = The enemy's Health
 | energy       = The enemy's Energy
 | offense      = The enemy's Offense
 | defense      = The enemy's Defense
 | power        = The enemy's Power
 | resistance   = The enemy's Resistance
 | agility      = The enemy's Agility
 | luck         = The enemy's Luck
 | actions      = The enemy's moveset
 | strong       = Elements the enemy is strong against
 | weak         = Elements the enemy is weak to
 | experience   = Amount of experience gained upon defeating this enemy
 | sers         = Amount of Sers gained upon defeating this enemy
 | items        = Items that can be possibly gained upon defeating this enemy