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Guardian Fora MV Portrait.png
One of the Guardians, the Guardian of Fora, in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Character Information
Aliases/Titles Guardians of Moneo
Relatives Each other
Affiliation Good (aside from Exitous)
Appearances PM1, PMMV
Biographical Information
Date of birth Various
Place of birth Various
Date of death Various
Place of death Various
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Various
Eye color Various
Hair color Various
Age Various
"It's a Guardian's job to love and improve the world."
-- Gora, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

The Guardians are a group of people who protect or "guard" Moneo and their corresponding Gems, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. They are considered brothers and sisters, though not all of them are necessarily related to each other[1]. The Guardians are a nearly-immortal group of people, some are still around since the creation of the world. They rely on the power of the Gems to stay alive well past the standard human life-cycle[2]. However, they can still be killed and can even renounce their Guardian title. It seems that when a Guardian dies or leaves, a new one is anointed in their place, if possible, as is the case of Hunter taking on the role of the Guardian of Kora after Exitous's defeat.

List of Guardians

File:Guardian Aora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Aora
Guardian Bora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Bora
File:Exitous MV Portrait.png
File:Guardian Dora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Dora
File:Guardian Eora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Eora
Guardian Fora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Fora
File:Guardian Gora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Gora
File:Guardian Hora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Hora
File:Guardian Iora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Iora
File:Guardian Jora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Jora
Guardian of Kora
Guardian Lora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Lora
File:Guardian Mora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Mora
File:Guardian Nora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Nora
Guardian Oora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Oora
File:Guardian Pora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Pora
File:Guardian Qora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Qora
Guardian Rora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Rora
File:Guardian Sora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Sora
Guardian Tora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Tora
Guardian Uora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Uora
File:Guardian Vora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Vora
File:Guardian Wora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Wora
Guardian Xora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Xora
File:Guardian Yora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Yora
File:Guardian Zora MV Portrait.png
Guardian of Zora

Other Guardians

These characters became Guardians of the respective towns after the Guardians disappeared at the end of Power Master 1: A Strange Journey and Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.

Stephan MV Face.png
Stephan (Guardian of Fora)
Jennifer MV Face.png
Jennifer (Guardian of Bora)
Hamilton MV Face.png
Hamilton (Guardian of Uora)
Helen MV Face.png
Helen (Guardian of Dora)
File:Hunter MV Face.png
Hunter (Guardian of Kora)
Old woman (Guardian of Oora, Power Master 1)

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

The Guardians in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey all share the same portrait, aside from the Guardian of Hora, who has yellow eyes, and the Guardian of Dora, who is a woman. They all have slightly different personalities, but do not impact progression much at all. Their role is mainly to tell the player that their Gem was stolen, though the player can usually skip these conversations. The Guardian of Eora and the Guardian of Wora are the only members who actually held on to their Gems rather than hiding them away (though the Guardian of Eora is attempting to do so when the player meets him). The Guardian of Hora can also be battled while GrandHypnock is in control of the town. Exitilus is a corrupted Guardian and serves as the final boss of the game.

After the events of the game, the player, their team, and the friends they made were named Guardians of the towns and Moneo.

Card Information

The protectors of the land of Moneo. There is one is every town. Some are over a thousand years old, others are younger than that. The majority of the Guardians are boys, with the only female being Dora. They all guard the Gems from falling into the wrong hands, though one turned on them and used the Gems for his own purposes. It's up to you to gather them all and use the power to defeat the fallen Guardian...

Power Master : A Strange Journey MV

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Guardians in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Guardians return in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, this time with their own designs and personalities. They still dress in the same style of robes, but the colors of the robe now match the color of the Guardian's respective Gem. They are based on the concepts meant for Power Master 1R[3].

As of the final demo, the only Guardians in the game thus far are the Guardians of Bora, Fora, Lora, Oora, Rora, Tora, Uora, and Xora.



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