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Gora Mansion

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Gora Mansion is a large mansion that sits within Gora Graveyard. It is first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Gora Mansion
Gora Mansion 1.png
First floor of Gora Mansion
Dungeon Information
Greater location Land of Moneo
Connections Gora Graveyard (exit)
Enemies Butlers, Phantom

Gora Mansion used to be owned by a currently unnamed person, Fade's father, who has left the Mansion some years ago. The Mansion has since fallen into disarray and various spirits of Butlers roam the halls.

In the foyer of the Mansion sits a large table, presumably used during gatherings. In the room on the left, the player is able to sleep in the bed and recover all their Health and status conditions. A tablet in the room also reads "Everything is not as it seems," hinting at the mysterious rooms in the Mansion. In the center room rest a Treasure Chest, which is actually a Chester in disguise, and the room on the right has an invisible maze with a set of Knight Armor at the end of it.

The entirety of the second floor holds an invisible maze, which the player can get through by searching for breaks in the invisible walls. The staircase at the end is invisible as well, but can still be used.

The only thing on the third floor of the Mansion is a chest that contains the Key to the door in the basement. However, when the player opens it, a boss battle with Phantom will begin.

Behind the locked door in the basement lies a tombstone that reads "He_e l_es _ade Ma__ol_um Crim_on" with the underscores marking faded out letters. After reading this, the character Fade will appear and speak to the player. After giving the player her backstory, she will give them the Gora Gem and then fade away. The player will then be transported back to the town of Gora.



  • Key - Chest on the third floor
  • Knight Armor - Chest at the end of the invisible maze on the first floor