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This article is about the skill. For the Status Ailment, see Confused.

Confuse is a skill in the Power Master series, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey[edit]

PM1 Confuse.png
Skill Information
Info Confuses all enemies.
Effect Has a 50% chance of Confusing all opposing enemies.
Cost 5 Special Points

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Confuse skill is learned by Jennifer when she reaches Level 15. Confuse is also a skill used by Jennifer's respective Doppel, Hypnock and his GrandHypnock form, and Hunter.

In order for the player to use the Confuse skill, they must have at least 5 Special Points. Using the skill will have the character attempt to confuse every enemy on the opposing team, with a 50% chance of it succeeding if the opposing character isn't immune.