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Uora Underground

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Uora Underground
Uora Underground in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey
Dungeon Information
Greater location Land of Moneo
Connections Uora (north)
Enemies Worms, Moles, Burrow

Uora Underground is series of tunnels dug out in search of resources, located south of the town of Uora. As time went on, the resources it provided have been exhausted, and is now home to many Moles. It is first seen in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

The exterior of Uora Underground is a series of ledges the player can jump off of. To climb back up, the player needs to use a set of stairs. The entrance to the interior of Uora Underground is located to the south.

On the first floor, the player has three paths to take, though the left and center ones are impassible at the moment. Once the player Bombs the boulder on the above floor, it will form a bridge the player can walk on in the center path. Once the player finds the Key to the door on the left path, they can continue forward on that path.

Going through the path on the right of the first floor, the player will find the character Hamilton (or Stephan if the player chose Hamilton at the start of the game) stuck on a ledge on the second floor. After talking to Hamilton, the player has to blow up the boulder behind him, forming a bridge on the center path below. Coming back up, the player will reunite with Hamilton and can choose whether or not to accept him into the party. Continuing forward, the player will find a Treasure Chest containing the Key to the door on the left path on the first floor. The player can also find a Light Whip by blowing up a different boulder south of the ledge Hamilton is on.

The third floor is accessible after unlocking the door on the first floor. The only thing of note on the third floor is the boss, Burrow.



Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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Uora Underground in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Uora Underground returns in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. The exterior is a part of the town of Uora and remains mostly unchanged, aside from some holes made by the Moles. The interior has been completely redesigned, also filled with holes, and many ledges can be jumped from. The holes can be checked, which can either contain enemies, treasure, or nothing at all. The Digger of Uora can still be recruited in the same way, though the conversation will differ depending on if Alice is in the player's party or not.

The first floor has a Timed Switch in the left room that opens the door in the right room for 15 seconds. The second floor has a Stone Power Orb that will open a door to one of the Flip Switches that will open the door on the first floor, with the other Flip Switch being behind a bombable wall south of where the boulder is. Uora Underground is also where the Blue Switch is located, accessed by finding the Treasure Chamber in Uora.



  • 420 Sers - 320 in the Blue Switch room, 100 in a hole after the double gates
  • Heal-All Medicine Vial - Hole directly in front of the stairs in the left room of the first floor.
  • Five Mushroom - Hole before the stairs in the right room of the first floor.
  • Five Bombs - Hole at the end of the narrow path on the second floor.
  • Magic Bow - Hole against the wall in the path to the boulder.
  • Silver Lance - Hole just before the second Flip Switch.
  • Mega Health Vial (five before demo 0.3.0) - Hole to the right of the passage to the boss floor.

Plaque description

"Uora Underground is a large cave filled with intertwining paths and tunnels. It was initially crafted in search of resources, but most have been exhausted or searches have proved unfruitful. Many miners have abandoned the mine and the residents of Uora barely pay it attention anymore, so it has become something of a historic landmark than anything else."