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Lost Girl

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Lost Girl
PM1 Lost Girl.png
Quest Information
Start Jasmine's Dad
End Jasmine's Dad
Prerequisites Fora Gem
Location Pora
Rewards Healing Shield
Other Info None
Quest Progression
Underwater Possession
Dark Desire

Lost Girl is the eighth quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


To start this quest, the player must talk to Jasmine's Dad, who is wondering the town of Pora. Talking to him will have him reveal that his daughter, Jasmine, has disappeared. Jasmine can be found in the town's well, and talking to her will have her join the player's party. Talking to her father with Jasmine in the party will have them both thank the player and they will return to their house, ending the quest.


If the player talks to Jasmine's mother after returning Jasmine home, she will give the player a Healing Shield.