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This article is about the magical Gems that are guarded by the town Guardians. For the jewels needed to open the gate into Kora, see Jewels.

The Gems are important items in the Power Master series, first appearing in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. There are twenty-six in total. Each one has the power to grant the wielder's wishes and each is protected by a Guardian to ensure that the Gem doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

PM1 Gems.png
Item Information
Description <Guardian>'s Gem.
Use to warp to <Town>.
Item Type Key Items
Effect Warps the player to its respective town.
Price None
Dropped By Roque, Bruze, Freezeflame, Xenu, GrandHypnock, Dotwood, Blide, Skragon, Burrow, Danger, Exitilus

In Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, the Gems are the main goal of the game. The player has to go to every town and collect the Gem from the town's Guardian. However, most of the Guardians either keep their Gem protected in a different location or have had their Gem stolen, which leads to the player having to clear a dungeon level in order to obtain the Gem. After collecting a Gem, the player can use it to instantly warp to its respective town. After the completion of the game, the Gems will lose their power, making them useless.

Due to some bosses dropping a Gem upon being defeated, it is possible to get multiple copies of a Gem by defeating them again in the Area Unknown, though this has no additional effect on the game as only one can be used at a time.

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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PMMV Gems.png
Item Information
Description Various
Item Type Key Items
Effect Warps the player to its respective town or does a specified action.
Price None
Dropped By None

All twenty-six Gems return in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, though their usage has improved. The player can still use them to warp to the specified town, but they can also be used to perform a special action both in the field and in battle. It is also revealed that the Gems are fragments of a large meteor, which was shattered in order to protect its magic[1]. This action caused the meteor's magic to weaken, giving the Gems each individual powers[Reference incoming].

Gem Powers

Gem Field Action Battle Action Gem Field Action Battle Action
PMMV Aora Gem.png
Aora Gem
- - PMMV Nora Gem.png
Nora Gem
- -
PMMV Bora Gem.png
Bora Gem
Removes Confused status from team Confuses all enemies PMMV Oora Gem.png
Oora Gem
Swap 50 Health for 50 Energy on all party members Temporarily raises team's Defense
PMMV Cora Gem.png
Cora Gem
Cannot be used Cannot be used PMMV Pora Gem.png
Pora Gem
- -
PMMV Dora Gem.png
Dora Gem
- - PMMV Qora Gem.png
Qora Gem
- -
PMMV Eora Gem.png
Eora Gem
- - PMMV Rora Gem.png
Rora Gem
Removes Boggled status from team Temporarily raises team's Agility
PMMV Fora Gem.png
Fora Gem
Swap 50 Energy for 50 Health on all party members Deals Earth-based damage to all enemies PMMV Sora Gem.png
Sora Gem
- -
PMMV Gora Gem.png
Gora Gem
- - PMMV Tora Gem.png
Tora Gem
Changes the speed the characters move at Recover the team's Health
PMMV Hora Gem.png
Dora Gem
- - PMMV Uora Gem.png
Uora Gem
Removes Petrified status from team Temporarily raises team's Evasiveness
PMMV Iora Gem.png
Iora Gem
- - PMMV Vora Gem.png
Vora Gem
- -
PMMV Jora Gem.png
Jora Gem
- - PMMV Wora Gem.png
Wora Gem
- -
PMMV Kora Gem.png
Kora Gem
- - PMMV Xora Gem.png
Xora Gem
Removes Muted status from team Lowers all enemies' Defense.
PMMV Lora Gem.png
Lora Gem
- - PMMV Yora Gem.png
Yora Gem
- -
PMMV Mora Gem.png
Mora Gem
- - PMMV Zora Gem.png
Zora Gem
- -



  1. "[...]we shattered [the meteor] and protected the shards, which have become the Gems." - Opening story, Power Master MV