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Power Master 1R Story

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The Power Master 1R Story (can be shortened to PM1R Story) is a story written by Alexander Bodine about the events that take place during the canceled Power Master 1R: A Stranger Journey and is told from Stephan's perspective. The story was written before work on Power Master 1: A Strange Journey began using the Unity or RPG Maker engines and was posted on the original site on August 22, 2014.[1] It has been posted here on the wiki for convenience, revised and updated to correct spelling and grammar errors, as well as adding links to articles here on the wiki. Since it was posted before work on Power Master 1 or Power Master 1R began, there will be differences between the games and the story. The story uses different terminology for several locations, such as Hora's fortress, and makes references to locations that had yet to appear at the time, such as the Land of Telbed. The creator has also stated that it is not his best work and the events that take place in the story are non-canon, though the story is referenced a few times in Power Master 1. The story was simply created to better Alex's writing skills.

Many of these elements appear in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.

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At the end of the story are disclaimers, along with a semi-joking statement from Alex:

Norende and Luxendarc are properties of Bravely Default ©2013-2014 Square Enix. Used without permission.
Varia Suit is a trademark of Metroid ©1987 Nintendo. Used without permission.
The song labeled as "Mario" is a trademark of Super Mario Brothers ©1985 Nintendo. Used without permission.
Andrabax is a creation of Geoffrey Aaron Bodine. Used with permission.
Any resemblance or references to persons living, dead, or fictional is almost always intentional.
Power Master properties are properties of Power Master. All other properties are copyrights of their respective owners.
The story depicted here and the story in the planned video game will be different and some points or dialogue will be different or inaccessible.
2011-2014 Power Master is created by Alexander Ryan Bodine. As of the time of this writing, this story is filled with ideas for future games, stories, and more.
Should anybody use my ideas without my permission, I will be severally devastated and get Stan to hunt you down.