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Jaxer's Quest

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Jaxer's Quest is the thirteenth and final quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, where it goes unnamed.

Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

Jaxer's Quest
PM1 Jaxer's Quest.png
Quest Information
Start Jaxer Regan
End Jaxer Regan
Prerequisites Fora Gem, Bomb
Location Town of Qora's Shop
Rewards Heal-All Health Vial
Other Info None
Quest Progression
Tome Seeker


To start this quest, the player has to talk to Jaxer Regan, who is found in the Town of Qora's Shop. He will ask the player for help deciphering a treasure map, and asked them to take the map to a scholar. In the Inn of the Town of Sora, the player can find said scholar, who will tell the player that the treasure is hidden in the mountains next to Vora Volcano. Directly south of the Town of Vora, the player has to use a Bomb to reveal a passage into a dungeon. At the end of the lava cavern is a tomb with the unnamed treasure Jaxer Regan was searching for, though once the player picks it up, a thug will appear and battle the player, wanting to claim the treasure for himself. Defeating the thug and returning to Jaxer Regan will end the quest.


Jaxer Regan will reward the player with a Heal-All Health Vial when the player returns with the treasure he was searching for.