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Tome Seeker

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Tome Seeker
PM1 Quest M.png
Quest Information
Start Marceus
End Marceus
Prerequisites Fora Gem
Location Yora Yore
Rewards Arcfire Tome
Other Info None
Quest Progression
Long-time Lost
Jaxer's Quest

Tome Seeker is the twelfth quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


To start this quest, the player has to talk to Marceus, who is found south of the Yora Tournament in Yora Yore. He will state that he is exploring worlds looking for rare magic books, and he has heard of one in particular from this world he is excited about finding. If the player has and gives Marceus a Book of Nightmare, the quest will end.


Marceus will reward the player with an Arcfire Tome upon giving him the Book of Nightmare.