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Long-time Lost

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Long-time Lost
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Quest Information
Fora Gem, be affected by Doppel's Dimension, Key
Other Info
Quest Progression
Tome Seeker

Long-time Lost is the eleventh quest in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.


To start this quest, the player needs to be under the effects of Doppel's Dimension. In Parker's house in Iora, the player can find Brianna, who used to be a dress, in Parker's storeroom. In order to get to her, the player needs to have a spare Key in their possession. Talking to Brianna will have her tell the player to find the Sorceress that cursed her to turn into a dress. By leaving Moneo through a passage north of Eora Everlasting, the player can find the Sorceress's Hut. Talking to the Sorceress will have her reveal that Brianna was troublesome, and attempted to turn the Sorceress into something and steal her magic, to which the Sorceress countered by transforming Brianna. Depending on how the player responds to the Sorceress, different events will occur.


  • If the player tells the Sorceress to return Brianna to normal, the player will have to return to Brianna to give her the news in the Sorceress's stead. After returning to the Sorceress, she will offer the player a choice of reward between 189,999,981 Sers, maxed levels for the current party members, an Ultimate Sword, or an Ultimate Book.
  • If the player tells the Sorceress to keep Brianna how she is, the player will have to go and collect Brianna after they return to normal themselves. Bringing Brianna back as a dress will have the Sorceress reward the player with 179,999,982 Sers and 99 Gold Bars.

Afterward, the player will return to Moneo and be unable to return to the Sorceress's Hut.