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Template:Infobox Game

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Infobox Game
No image yet
Game Information
Release date(s) None
Program(s) used None
Language(s) None
Genre(s) None
Controller(s) None
Download link(s) None
Rating(s) None

This template is used for the game articles.

{{Infobox Game
|title       = Name of the game. Automatically uses the page title.
|image       = Image of the game cover or logo
|release     = The game's release dates in the areas it was released in, and the platforms it was released on
|program     = Program(s) used to create the game
|language    = Language(s) the game is in
|genre       = The game's genre(s)
|controller  = Compatible controllers
|download    = Official download links
|rating      = Age rating(s) the game received