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The Three Mages

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The Three Mages are a trio of sisters that first appear in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey and are in service to Exitilus.

  • Red Mage is depicted as the oldest of the group. She is flamboyant, conniving, and willing to do anything to get her way. She follows Exitilus's orders to perfection, though she seems to have her own goal.
  • Blue Mage is the middle sibling of the three. She is an uncaring, calm, and distrusting person. As long as her goal is accomplished, she could care less how it happens.
  • Green Mage is the youngest sibling of the sisters. She is a cheerful, flirty, and misleading character who enjoys playing with her enemies.



  • Before using their final design, the Three Mages had two conceptual designs: One where they looked like the Mario series's Magikoopas, and another where they looked like "generic" old witches.