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List of Characters in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

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These are the characters found in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, split between major characters, minor characters, and characters that give out quests. For characters that did not make it into the final game, see here.

Major Characters

These characters are integral to the game's story.

Portrait Name Role(s) Location(s)
Stephan 2.png Stephan Hero, Ally, Enemy Fora, Bora
Jennifer 2.png Jennifer Hero, Ally, Enemy Fora, Bora
Hamilton 2.png Hamilton Hero, Ally, Enemy Fora, Uora
Helen 2.png Helen Hero, Ally, Enemy Fora, Dora
Guardian M 2.png Guardians NPC, Enemy Most towns
Hunter 2.png Hunter NPC, Boss Eora Dungeon, Kora Fortress

Minor Characters

These characters don't do a lot, but may provide the player with information. See also: Generic Characters

Portrait Name Role(s) Location(s)
File:Pam 2.png Pam Shopkeeper, Enemy Most towns
File:Violet 2.png Violet Innkeeper, Enemy Most towns
File:Scott & Smith.png Scott & Smith Blacksmith Dora, Yora
Butch 2.png Butch NPC Bora
Jill.png Jill NPC Bora
File:Mysterious Man.png Mysterious Man NPC, Enemy Area Unknown
File:Stacy.png Stacy NPC Aora
Jade 2.png Fade NPC Gora Mansion
File:Autioneer Charles.png Charles NPC Yora Yore
File:Alex head.png Alexander Bodine NPC Various places

Quest Characters

These characters give out Quests or are part of one. See also: List of Quests in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey.

Portrait Name Quest Location(s)
File:Veronica.png Veronica 1 Bora
File:Kevin portrait.png Kevin 1 Dora, Bora
File:Steve portrait.png Steve 2 Aora
Josh.png Josh 3 Aora, Eora
File:Samantha 2.png Samantha 6 Sora
File:Parker.png Parker 7 Iora
File:Rob portrait.png Rob 11 Oora
Jasmine 2.png Jasmine 13 Bottom of the Well, Pora
Jasmine's Dad.png Jasmine's Dad 13 Pora
Katie.png Katie 14 Rora
Kandice.png Kandice 17 Uora
Brianna.png Brianna D Iora
File:Sorceress.png Sorceress D Sorceress's Hut
File:Marceus 2.png Marceus M Yora Yore
File:Jaxer Regan portrait.png Jaxer Regan S Qora