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This article is about a subject in an upcoming game.
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Artwork of Octavis (right) with his wife, Holly (left), and daughter, Marciella (center).
Character Information
Relatives Ocean (sister)[1]
Holly (wife)
Marciella (daughter)
Affiliation Good
Appearances PMMV
Biographical Information
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of death
Place of death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Age None

Octavis is a character in the upcoming Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.[2] He resides in the town of Oora and ends up leaving his house when the town floods. He has a wife, Holly, and a daughter, Marciella, that he will do anything to protect. He also has a deceased sister named Ocean.[1]

Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

Octavis first appears in the 0.2.0 update of Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. He is found watching over Oora, standing near the path into the flooded part of town. He initially says nothing to the player, but after talking to Oora and Holly, he tells the player that he has spotted a ship in the distance, docked at a nearby island. The path to the island is under Oora Lighthouse, in a room only Octavis can open. If the player agrees to helping Octavis, he will join them and will be able to open the path to the island. If the player declines, Octavis will go on his own, opening the path for the player to follow, but he will end up captured by Skipper, referencing his role in the Power Master 1R Story. If he is captured and the player defeats or convinces Skipper without rescuing him, Octavis will return home after the player speaks with Holly, where he can then be recruited. If the player gets captured as well, Octavis will join and they can escape by using a Gem if they have one.

Octavis's initial reveal screenshot shows him next to the stairs leading to the Inn.

Character information

Octavis's personal class, Protective Father, gives him high Energy, Offense, Defense, Power, and Resistance along with average Agility and Luck, but low Health. He has two boomerangs and a set of armor. Octavis can only equip bows (which his boomerangs are classified as), but is capable of Dual Wielding.