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List of locations in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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This is a list of locations that appear in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.

Land of Moneo

Location Sub-location(s)
File:PMMV Moneo Screenshot.png
Land of Moneo
File:PMMV Well Screenshot.png
Bottom of the Well
File:PMMV Cave Screenshot.png
Unnamed Cave
File:PMMV Limbo Screenshot.png


Location Sub-location(s)
File:PMMV Town of Bora Screenshot.png
Town of Bora
File:PMMV Bora Building Screenshot.png
Bora Building
File:PMMV Town of Fora Screenshot.png
Town of Fora
File:PMMV Fora Forest Screenshot.png
Fora Forest
File:PMMV Fora Temple Screenshot.png
Fora Temple
File:PMMV Town of Oora Screenshot.png
Town of Oora
File:PMMV Oora Ocean Screenshot.png
Oora Ocean
File:PMMV Oora Lighthouse Screenshot.png
Oora Lighthouse
File:PMMV Island Screenshot.png
File:PMMV Skipper's Ship Screenshot.png
Skipper's Ship
File:PMMV Town of Rora Screenshot.png
Town of Rora
File:PMMV Rora River Screenshot.png
Rora River
File:PMMV Rora Capers Screenshot.png
Rora Capers
File:PMMV Town of Tora Screenshot.png
Town of Tora
File:PMMV Tora Tree Screenshot.png
Tora Tree
File:PMMV Town of Uora Screenshot.png
Town of Uora
File:PMMV Uora Underground Screenshot.png
Uora Underground
File:PMMV Town of Xora Screenshot.png
Town of Xora
File:PMMV Xora Xeno Screenshot.png
Xora Xeno
File:PMMV The Moon Screenshot.png
The Moon
File:PMMV Xora Spaceship Screenshot.png
Xora Spaceship