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List of skills and magic in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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This is a list of skills and magic that can be used in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV, ordered by their internal ID number. Skills cost Special Points to use while magic costs Energy. Most skills and magic can be learned by reading their respective book, but there are some that can only be used by equipping a specific weapon. There are also enemy-only skills that the player cannot use at all. Two skills, Attack and Defend, are innately usable by all player characters and most enemies. In demo 0.4.0 and onward, characters will also have access to personal skills[Reference incoming].

Skills Magic Enemy skills Personal skills
Magic Attack Fire Hypnotize
Whip Attack Flames Rewind
Magic Whip Attack Inferno Flee
Pierce Burn Call for Backup
Strong Attack Ice Quake
Great Attack Mist Trap
Double Attack Hail
Triple Attack Freeze
Quadruple Attack Water
Weapon Break Wave
Weapon Shatter Tsunami
Armor Break Slow
Armor Shatter Light
Tackle Sap
Ram Sun Stone
Provoke Blind
Attention Grabber Lightning
Cover Thunderbolt
Super Guard Shockwave
Wonder Guard Paralyze
Roar Air
Pyro Force Accelerate
Aqua Force Tornado
Frost Force Boggle
Sol Force Earth
Plasma Force Nature's Breath
Oxygen Force Vines
Terra Force Sleep
Cement Force Stone
Lunar Force Quick Strike
Vincible Bombardment
Ultimate Slash Petrify
Pounding Blow Dark
Hail of Arrows Drain
Whip-Lash Nightmare
Vital Strike Poison
Health to Energy
Health to Special
Energy to Health
Energy to Special
Special to Health
Special to Energy
Health Boost
Energy Boost
Offense Boost
Defense Boost
Power Boost
Resistance Boost
Agility Boost
Luck Boost
Health Drop
Energy Drop
Offense Drop
Defense Drop
Power Drop
Resistance Drop
Agility Drop
Luck Drop
Magic Burst