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List of quests in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV

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This is a list of quests found in Power Master: A Strange Journey MV. Quests highlighted in yellow can be accepted, but cannot currently be completed.

Number Title Character Location
1 Monster Hunter Stewart Town of Fora
2 Jessica's Request Jessica Town of Fora
3 Lyktor's Awakening Lyktor Fora Forest
4 Master of Her Kitchen Jill Town of Bora
6 Husband Hunting Veronica Town of Bora
7 On the Job Percival Bora Building
29 Underwater Possession Rob Town of Oora
32 Dark Desire Katie Town of Rora
36 Pam's Intern Pam Town of Tora
37 Hide-and-Seek Kandice Town of Uora
48 The Friend's Challenge Andrew/Andrea Town of Fora
49 The Friend's Rematch Andrew/Andrea Town of Bora
51 The Warrior's Request Jennifer Town of Bora
72 The Watery Woman's Plea Marina Lora Grotto
78 The Father's Defense Octavis Town of Oora
85 The Digger's Request Hamilton Uora Underground
88 The Healer's Request Alice Town of Uora
94 The Lady's Request Dakota Town of Xora
95 The Lady's Search Dakota Town of Tora